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Citadel G8 Street Dance Party

by Ron Sawlor

Street Dance begins
The sign says it all
Street Dance organizer David Bush...Happy Birthday!
The 'anti-G8 van'
Street dancers and protesters gather
The street dance heads out to meet the march
As the crowd nears Victoria Park, the police take note
Police direct organizers to steer the marchers to the cxenter of the street
The crowd is bookended by police and escorted the final portion of the march
The street dance merges with the main crowd gathered at Victoria Park
Corporate media covering the protest....though they left early, missing all the speakers at the end of the march
People gather at Victoria park preparing to march in protest against the G8 meetings in Halifax

    As a warm up to the anti-G8 Street March, people were invited to a street dance party in the Citadel High parking lot. The mood was positive and  the small crowd was abuzz with conversation underneath the throbbing beats of the music.

    The small crowd was loud, enthusiasic and peaceful; many carried signs outlining their concerns.

    When the time came for the rendevous with the anti-G8 march, the crowd of street dancers and protesters filed down the sidewalk, led by the organizers' van. Chants from the crowd accompanied the music still emanating from the van as it slowly made its way to the corner of the Public Gardens, the starting point of the march.

    As the crowd from the street dance approached the Lord Nelson Hotel, police took note of their advance and moved to escort the marchers toward the protest, stopping traffic and sheparding the marchers near busy Spring Garden road.

Finally, the street dance crowd joined the main gathering and protest at Victoria Park, where people met to begin the anti-G8 march.

For photos of the main G8 march go here and here

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