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Rally 'welcomes' G8 to Halifax

by Felix Kanneman

Rally 'welcomes' G8 to Halifax
Protesters gathering in Victoria Park
HRM Police join the rally
The crowd patiently waits in Victoria Park
The march departs on South Park Street
Flags and signs were held up by protesters
Rally 'welcomes' G8 to Halifax
Bringing color to the streets of Halifax
A member of the mounted police takes a detour...
...while another mounted unit struggles to stay in control
Journalists are chased away by a police horse gone wild
Police surveillance was constantly present
South End residents observe the protest march
Arrival at Cornwallis Park
The Cornwallis statue is covered in sheets as part of the anti-colonization protest

On Sunday April 26th, about 300 people gathered in Halifax to protest against the upcoming meeting of G8 development ministers.

Organized by the Halifax G8 Welcoming Committee, the peaceful protest assembled in Victoria Park across the Public Gardens. Protesters booed as it was announced that HRM police prohibited the rally from marching down Spring Garden Road, and a new route along South Park and South Street was taken instead.

Drumming, chants, choruses and a mobile soundsystem entertained the crowd on their march through the South End of Halifax. Police were relatively passive, as they had more trouble keeping the two horses of their mounted unit under control than a few hundred protesters.

The march arrived in Cornwallis Park in front of the Westin hotel, where the G8 development ministers meeting is taking place. The statue of Cornwallis was promptly wrapped in sheets as speakers denounced the politics of colonization embodied by the G8. Guest speakers from First Nations in Alberta gave an account of how the tar sands industry affects their lives and communities. Much laughter emerged as a member of the Picnicface comedy troupe satirically defended the G8 and their agenda.

The atmosphere during the rally was cheerful, with music, acrobatics, street dance, free food and a large crowd of citizens gathering for a peaceful protest on this Sunday afternoon in Halifax.

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