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Canadian Foreign Policy Working Group

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Military, CIDA, NGOs, Embassies, Corporations: what are they really up to, and why aren't we hearing about it? This group discusses and plans coverage of Canadian foreign policy and its impacts on the ground.

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Posts in Canadian Foreign Policy

Janvier 14, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Wrong Prediction, Wrong Science; Unless It’s Government Climate Science.

» Blog: posted by TheUncivilized

mars 15, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Life for Gold

Canadian mining company abuses in Central America

» Story: by Palmira Boutillier

Janvier 16, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Candlelight Vigil for Unity ~ A Worldwide Solidarity Rally

» Video: Watch by James Wiseman

Novembre 29, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

Dispatches from Durban - Racism Flowing Underneath Israeli Oil Shale

» Blog: posted by Sonia Grant

Novembre 18, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

War criminals are not welcome in Halifax

Third Halifax International Security Forum

Octobre 4, 2011 • Media Co-op

Chaudhrys Finally Allowed to Call Halifax Home

Community support helps family of 5 stay in Canada after 8-year ordeal

» Story: by Ben Sichel

Septembre 27, 2011 • Media Co-op

See video

Dick in Van

Juillet 5, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

From Halifax to Gaza, with Love

Miles Howe reports live from the Tahrir

Juin 29, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

The "Trade" Agreement Ottawa and Nova Scotia Want Kept Secret

Packed room hears Canada-Europe trade negotiations denounced

» Story: by Jim Guild - 1 Commentaires

Juin 25, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

Harper, military monopolies sell arms and Innu land in Paris

» Blog: posted by Tony Seed - 1 Commentaires

Juin 15, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

Nova Scotia Trade Mission to Gaza Launched

Business community sends local goods aboard the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Mai 17, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

Shipbuilding Yes, But Not the Militarization of Shipbuilding

» Blog: posted by Tony Seed

Mai 5, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

Harper’s Armada and Layton’s Support for Irving’s Halifax Shipyards vs. the MIL-Davie Shipyard in Lévis, Quebec

Discussion on the Significance of the Election Result

» Story: by Tony Seed - 1 Commentaires

Avril 2, 2011 • Halifax Media Co-op

Will You Vote? We Want to Know

» Blog: posted by bsichel - 7 Commentaires

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