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Juin 19, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Halifax Celebrates 40 Years of Dr. Zayid

Interview with Dr. Ismail Zayid, on being displaced and staying positive

» Écoutez: by Miles Howe

Juin 13, 2012 • Toronto Media Co-op

Oshkimaadziig - an Anishinabek Awareness Encampment for Peace and Unity

In an effort to bring awareness + build an understanding towards to true peace + unity on Turtle Island, several Anishnabek men have established an open-invite encampment in Awenda park, NW of Barrie

Juin 11, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

The hyphenated Haligonian

A production of New Roots Radio

» Écoutez: by Natascia L

Juin 7, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Talking to Emerans

Pirates abounded in Halifax today, both inside and outside Emera AGM

» Écoutez: by Miles Howe - 2 Commentaires

Mai 31, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Halifax Casserole!

Red squares, pots and pans, at Wednesday night demo

» Écoutez: by Miles Howe

Mai 31, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Panel Counters Mainstream Spin on Palestine/Israel Narrative

Jim Guild, Dr. Jon Thompson, Bruce Wark, Miles Howe, and Jane MacMillan share survey, anecdotes and analysis to shed light on media bias

» Écoutez: by Scott Barber - 3 Commentaires

Mai 28, 2012 • Coop Média de Montréal


Report from the May 22 NATO Summit, Chicago IL

» Écoutez: by CKUT News Collective

Avril 20, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Homegrown Healthcare Risks Going Up in Smoke

Interview with Laurie MacEachern, Executive Director of the Medical Cannabis Patients Alliance of Canada

» Écoutez: by Miles Howe

Avril 14, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

State of the Unions, Part 2: Full Audio

Complete recording of HMC sponsored event now online

» Écoutez: by Scott Barber

Avril 2, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

That Sinking Feeling

Penobsquis resident Heather McCabe watches house buckle, bulge, sink

» Écoutez: by Miles Howe - 10 Commentaires

Avril 2, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Third lecture completes James Robinson Johnston Distinguished Lecture Series

Dr. Hakim Adi: The White Man's Burden? The New Scramble for Africa

» Écoutez: by Scott Barber

mars 20, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Two Eyes Are Better Than One

Dr. Heather Castleden and Team to Use Tradition and Science to Examine Effects of Boat Harbour

» Écoutez: by Miles Howe

mars 18, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Free Buses for HRM?

A radio interview on why public transit can - and should - stay free

» Écoutez: by Ben Sichel

mars 11, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

On Greek Austerity

An interview with Anne, a Greek journalist and fellow traveller on the social crisis in Greece.

» Écoutez: by James Babbit

mars 9, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op


Protest briefly occupies Q104 office, station refuses to drop "mail-order bride" contest

» Écoutez: by Miles Howe - 1 Commentaires

mars 6, 2012 • Halifax Media Co-op

Dalhousie Faculty strike

Interview with Antoni Wysocki, Dalhousie worker

» Écoutez: by Asaf Rashid

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