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The Right To Know: Monsanto, GMOs, and International Solidarity

by Sarah Slaunwhite

Jay Miller and Anne-Marie Mareault join with hundreds of others in Halifax to rally against Monsanto.
Approximately 380 people took to the streets in Halifax on May 25, 2013. The International March Against Monsanto took place in 52 countries and 436 cities
Temma Frecker and Claudine Furnion blow their horns on Spring Garden Road during the rally.
Lisa Smith (right) and Vella Smith participate in the march, which was attended by many children whose families were enraged by the lack of choice given to consumers when it comes to the labelling of GMOs.
SOS: Save Our Seeds
The Right To Know: Monsanto, GMOs, and International Solidarity
Tawnya and Nadia Barington hold up their signs in solidarity with the demand to have GMOs labelled.
The Right To Know: Monsanto, GMOs, and International Solidarity
The Right To Know: Monsanto, GMOs, and International Solidarity
The march gathers at Grand Parade, outside City Hall, to rally. While the organizers set up the stage, the protesters began to sing softly in unison "All we are saying, is give food a chance."
Margaret Pickett, who grows all her own organic food, had her corn crop contaminated by a Monsanto seed. The corn crop she is holding is growing 5 different heads. “It’s like Frakencorn” Pickett commented.
Kaitlin Deveau and Zach Lushington
Betty Hudson, a spokesperson from Widows on the Warpath, lays flowers for all those lost as a result of Monsanto’s creations such as Agent Orange, Roundup, rBGH, and GMOs.
Lil Macpherson, the founder and co-owner of The Wooden Monkey, gave a brief history of Monsanto. In 1901 Monsanto was an industrial chemical company, and now is one of the largest seed companies in the world. Monsanto is responsible for creating and distributing one of the most toxic compounds in the world, and as a result has destroyed millions of lives and killed millions of people.
Owen Bridge, owner of Annapolis Seeds addressed the crowd exclaiming: “there is a ton of power in seeds and that power should be in the hands of the people.” After the rally, he gave away free organic seeds to the crowd.
Joseph Currie and Kylie. Currie commented in an interview that the one thing he wishes people knew was: “growing food is like printing money.” Kylie closed by sharing with the crowd: “at home I grow my own food and I think local.”

Hundreds marched through Halifax on Saturday, May 25th to protest against multinational agribusiness Monsanto's aggressive promotion of GM foods, among other practices. Read Jon Grant's account of the march and rally here

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