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Sarah Slaunwhite

September 22, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Canada-wide Day of Action for Reproductive Justice – Equal Access Now

» 3 photos: View by Sarah Slaunwhite

March 18, 2014 • Halifax Media Co-op

Non-Discrimination in Legal education in Canada

Nova Scotia Barristers Society is Canada's first to undertake public consultation on recognizing Trinity Western U

September 13, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Students Launch Politician Apathy Campaign

Dalhousie Student Union responds to the lack of political feedback on their student platform

» Story: by Sarah Slaunwhite

July 14, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Colouring the Concrete: PlaceMaking Halifax

» 18 photos: View by Sarah Slaunwhite

July 13, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

Exploring the transition out of youth homelessness

Little is known about how youth get off the street, nor how to properly support the process 

» Story: by Sarah Slaunwhite

May 26, 2013 • Halifax Media Co-op

The Right To Know: Monsanto, GMOs, and International Solidarity

» 16 photos: View by Sarah Slaunwhite
Halifax Media Co-op

May 19, 2013

The Voice of Youth In Care Newsletter Project Launch

» News Release: by Sarah Slaunwhite

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