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Shoddy Shot Holes - One year later, four shot holes now flowing water on SWN seismic line

by Miles Howe

See video

Rogersville, New Brunswick - Despite alerting the New Brunswick Department of Environment to the fact that SWN Resources Canada's seismic testing had broken through a near-surface aquifer near Rogersville, New Brunswick, one year later and water continues to flow from the aquifer.

In the fall of 2013, New Brunswick Energy Minister Craig Leonard noted that he was aware of the broken aquifer, but the blame for the example of shoddy testing - and the breaking of section 37 of the New Brunswick Oil and Natural Gas Act - lay squarely on the shoulders of protesters, who had frightened away SWN workers.

This despite a multi-million dollar expenditure in RCMP and private security forces by the province and SWN, and despite an agreement at the end of July 2013 that existed between protesters and SWN workers that workers would be given a three day period in which the clean up their unexploded ordinance, etc, and leave.

In any case, in the below series of videos we find four opened shot holes from which water continues to flow and cover the forest floor with iron oxidizing into an algae-friendly goo.  

In the featured video Annie Clair, Elsipogtog Band Member, talks about her observations of the forest floor, now covered in iron oxide goo and algae.

Broken Shot Hole Number One: Watch Here.

Broken Shot Hole Number Two: Watch Here.

Broken Shot Hole Number Three: Watch Here.

Broken Shot Hole Number Four: Watch Here.

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