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A Letter to Mr Mulcair: Why I am Voting for Elizabeth May

How my conscience reared its head and was green

by Joanne Light

Photo Wikimedia Commons
Photo Wikimedia Commons
Dear Mr. Mulcair,
This has been a very difficult decision as I have been a partisan supporter of Megan Leslie, my MP for her entire incumbency, but the dire position the planet is in with temperature increases now projected to be three degrees (see attached "Emissions Far Above Two Degrees") has forced me to move away from what you are offering in your platform in this realm. Due to many countries, including Canada's, inaction on our most serious problem, we are now beyond achieving the "safe" threshold of only 1.5  - 2 degree rise and catastrophic consequences are impending.  Please read the attached supporting documentation, "Emissions Far Above Two Degrees" for this assessment. 
Why am I picking on the NDP? Because I want you to be "left" of three degrees and you have, albeit unconsciously [because a conscious and conscientious (and politically savvy) leader would see the writing "in the sky" on this], refused to move. The only leader who has acknowledged that we need a federal, fair, simple and inexpensive (administratively) way to price carbon is Elizabeth May. Your refusal to debate this and other less important issues in the upcoming national debate sponsored by Canada's preeminent national daily newspaper just because the present rogue, criminal government (which has put us at the bottom regarding action on global warming) refuses to attend, puts your leadership capability in question, in my opinion. (If you agree to attend and leave an empty podium for Stephen Harper, he will attend so your refusal is a moot, unfathomable point.)  
Why does your stepping away from this important national debate lose you my vote?  Because this is the most important expression of the democratic process in the whole election process. We sorely need this platform to "air" global warming's now probable three degree temperature rise! We desperately need Elizabeth May's expertise on this, especially given that the Paris Summit is only forty days after the election.  We must deliver big time as a country at this summit and she is the expert and conscience Canada needs to do this, putting us on a trajectory to avert this disaster. We need to hear her voice and your voice supporting her party's position on this.
Coupled with your staid and inadequate stance on reducing Canada's carbon emissions with your adoption of cap and trade as a "progressive" way to price pollution [which former CIBC chief economist and author of "The Carbon Bubble," Jeff Ruben, has deemed a strategic farce], my conscience can no longer support the NDP under your leadership. 
Just recently the Globe and Mail has given highest marks to the Green Party of Canada's official plan--Carbon Fee and Dividend--calling it "the clearest" approach to addressing the preeminent problem of our time.  
My intention here is my conscience speaking as the last thing I would like to see is vote splitting, but Ms. May has assured voters in recent postings and speeches that voting Green will not jeopardize eliminating the current government, which has refused for ten years to address global warming by keeping its carbon reduction commitment. Former leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia recently wrote, "So, take sides! Always take sides! You will sometimes be wrong--but the person who refuses to take side must always be wrong."
Joanne Light
6339 Young Street, Halifax, N.S. B3L2A2


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