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Halifax Media Co-op on indefinite hiatus

by Media Co-op Editors

Halifax Media Co-op on indefinite hiatus
The Halifax Media Co-op is going on indefinite hiatus. 
Since 2009 the HMC has published hundreds of grassroots news stories from Halifax and around the province. We've tried our best to help amplify underrepresented voices, focusing on Indigenous issues, voices of people in poverty, workers, queer folks, and others. 
We've done this on a yearly budget of less than half the salary of a CBC reporter. This has meant relying on a great deal of volunteer labour. Recently, several of our core volunteers have moved on to other projects, meaning that capacity to keep the co-op running functionally has dried up. 
The HMC's website will remain on-line for the time being. Anyone with an existing account may continue to post articles, blogs, news releases or events. Occasionally a volunteer editor may look over the page and choose to feature some of these posts. However, we will not be accepting any story pitches for pay. 
We thank the thousands of people who have written, read, edited, drawn, shared, liked, tweeted, advertised, donated and otherwise supported the Media Co-op over the past seven years. 
If anyone would like to become a core volunteer in order to keep the HMC running, please e-mail hmc@mediacoop.ca.
Thank you,
Hillary Lindsay
Suzanne MacNeil
Moira Peters
Ben Sichel
Halifax Media Co-op interim editorial collective

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The site for the Halifax local of The Media Co-op has been archived and will no longer be updated. Please visit the main Media Co-op website to learn more about the organization.