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Zuppa Theatre Brings the Fair

by Sebastien Labelle

The Chicken Toss was among the night's most popular games
Zuppa Theatre Brings the Fair
Zuppa Theatre Brings the Fair
Balloon Darts could earn you many Zuppa Bucks
Duck-of-War was another favourite of many
Zuppa Theatre Brings the Fair
Zuppa Theatre Brings the Fair
For a ticket per minute, you could have a friend arrested and sent to the Mock Jail where they would be bound by bondage tape or fluffy handcuff provided by Venus Envy
Once in jail, those arrested could be made the target of squirting
Zuppa co-artistic director Alex McLean was among the many to be arrested that evening
MP Megan Leslie was not spared either
Later in the evening a coup was mounted to have the sheriff himself arrested put in jail. The sheriff was Ben Stone, Zuppa co-artistic director
Pie eating contestants getting ready
MC of the night Sue Leblanc-Crawford, Zuppa co-artistic director
Balloon race
photo by Alex McLean
photo by Alex McLean
Winning at games could win you Zuppa Bucks. With them, you could participate in a live auction of prizes offered by local indepedent businesses and musicians

Halifax independent theatre company Zuppa Theatre Co., known for its fun themed fundraisers, can add another successful night to the events of previous years which include Murder Ballads, Zuppa Soupa and the Hellbound Jamboree. This year, Zuppa Theatre Co. hosted the Zuppa Sport & Social, a games fair where participants could, in exchange for purchased tickets, play classics such as ping-pong, foosball and balloon darts, or try one of the zanier games available such as "Duck-of-War" or "Chicken Toss". The night also included balloon races, pie eating contests, tea leaf readings and a mock jail - where one could pay to have a friend jailed, bound by bondage supplies provided by Venus Envy and made the target of squirt guns. Zuppa Theatre Co., formerly Zuppa Circus, formed in 1998 and for many years developed street theatre shows to be performed on the Halifax waterfront. Since then, and now under the artistic direction of Susan Leblanc-Crawford, Alex McLean and Ben Stone, the company has evolved to produce original plays for the stage that defy the conventions of realist theatre. With its aesthetic still deeply rooted in physical and popular theatre, the company describes itself as "Theatre that uses the whole animal... favours the intuitive over the formulaic and thrives on the play between the imagined and the real. At the heart of each show is the restless spirit of the actor." Zuppa is currently working on a new show titled "Five Easy Steps (to the end of the world)", which they have been invited to premier in Cardiff, Wales this coming fall. The show is an extension of the 15 minutes short "Very Secret Ceremony" presented at last year's Queer Acts Theatre Festival organized alongside Halifax Pride, to much acclaim. Keep a look out for the show to be premiere in Halifax in October. Visit


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