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Deadline Extended: The Media Co-op Investigative Fund

$400 available for feature stories! Pitch today...

by The Media Co-op

Deadline Extended: The Media Co-op Investigative Fund

The Media Co-op has broken critical stories and probed issues glossed by the mainstream media.  We've published exposés of Israeli and Canadian military collusion, the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, and the federal government’s European advocacy for the tar sands.

We’ve done this with the barest of resources.

But we want our contributors to be able dig deeper and be better compensated for their efforts, so we’re announcing a new fund for investigative articles. For the next six months (and beyond, we hope), we’ll be offering $400 for an investigative feature to be published in The Dominion every two months.

The articles will be 2200 words and present fresh angles, original research on undetected issues and bold solutions to common problems—all with a Canadian angle. The journalist will work with Dominion editors over the course of a month or more to produce the article.

Pitches are welcome from anyone; priority for payment goes to those who have previously contributed.

*How to pitch an Investigative story:*

1. Set up a Media Co-op account (if you don’t already have one):

2. Check out our writer’s guide for hot topics and details about writing for The Dominion: dominionpaper.ca/write

3. Peruse the Media Co-op discussion page for story ideas:

4. Pitch!: mediacoop.ca/node/add/pitch

*The deal:*

Pitches should be less than 400 words and include a thorough description of planned sources (interviews or documents) and research. An entire story submitted as a pitch will not be considered for payment. Editors reserve the right to suggest changes and edit stories (with your participation, of course!). Pitches should capture the content, tone and style of the story you plan to submit; if the content submitted differs significantly from the pitch, editors reserve the right to withhold payment.

Deadline for pitches: Extended to Friday, October 7, Midnight.

First drafts due October 30, Final pieces due November 30

Looking forward to radical investigations,

The Editorial Collective

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320 words



Can these pitches be applied to video pieces?

hey stim

not yet... once we get the dominion website properly redesigned with the media co-op we will open this up for video pieces.

The site for the Halifax local of The Media Co-op has been archived and will no longer be updated. Please visit the main Media Co-op website to learn more about the organization.