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Anti-warship activist running Bluenose Marathon for peace on Sunday

by Tamara Lorincz

Anti-warship activist running Bluenose Marathon for peace on Sunday


Anti-warship activist running Bluenose Marathon for peace on Sunday


(Halifax ) – Anti-warship activist Tamara Lorincz is running the Bluenose Marathon for peace on Sunday. She will be wearing her special t-shirt “No warships: Green Jobs: Demilitarize”.


Lorincz took up running a year ago. “It has been very motivating for me to train for the 42-kilometre race with the goal of running for peace. I want to share my message across Canada’s most militarized city,” she said.


According to the Greater Halifax Partnership, Halifax has the largest concentration of Department of National Defence Assets in Canada. Nova Scotia is home to 40% of Department of DND’s assets, and Halifax alone employs more than 10,000 DND and Canadian Forces personnel. The city is the base for the East Coast Navy. Nearby Canadian Forces Base Greenwood is the largest air force base east of Trenton, Ontario.


“It will be a Herculean effort for me to complete the marathon just as it is a Herculean effort for me to stop the building of new warships and promote demilitarization,” she explained.


Lorincz is a long-time peace activist. Since December, she has been protesting every Wednesday outside the Irving Shipyard against the $25 billion contract to build new armed combat vessels for the Canadian navy. She wants the federal government to instead invest in social and environmental programs.


 “Our greatest human security challenges are climate change and poverty. We don’t need warships. We need peace and sustainable development,” believes Lorincz.


More information about Lorincz’s struggle against the federal government’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy can be found on her web site and blog: www.demilitarize.ca



·               Greater Halifax Partnership “Aerospace & Defence”: http://www.greaterhalifax.com/en/home/halifax-novascotia/business-sectors/aerospace-defence.aspx

·   Demilitarize: www.demilitarize.ca  and “Wednesdays against Warships” Blog: http://demilitarize.ca/wp/

·   Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamaralorincz

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For additional information and interviews, please contact:


Home Ph: (902) 443-2423 / Cell/Text: (902) 478-1379 / Email: tlorincz@dal.ca

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