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Peace activist delivers open letter to NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie on Earth Day

by Tamara Lorincz

Federal government spending on military v. environment
Federal government spending on military v. environment


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday, April 22, 2013




Peace activist holds Earth Day rally outside Irving Shipyard and delivers open letter to MP Megan Leslie


(Halifax ) – There will be an Earth Day rally this afternoon outside of the Irving Shipyard to call for a green economy. The protest will take place at 3:00 p.m. at the Niobe Gate entrance on Barrington St. It is organized by Tamara Lorincz who has been protesting the $25 billion warship contract every week outside the Irving Shipyard since December.  Lorincz is calling on the federal government to invest in a green economy instead of a war economy.


Tamara Lorincz is also going to deliver an open letter to the Halifax Member of Parliament Megan Leslie today. Leslie is the NDP’s Environment Critic and Deputy Leader. “I have written to Megan to ask her why she pushed for a National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy instead of a National Green Economy Strategy in 2010?, said Lorincz. “I have also asked her why warships are a priority to the NDP when the greatest human security challenges that we are facing are climate change and poverty.”


Lorincz will bring her signs “Green Jobs; No Warships” and “Action on Poverty & Climate Change: No Warships” and she will stand outside MP Leslie’s office on Gottingen St. at noon and outside the Irving Shipyard at 3:00 p.m today. More information about Lorincz’s struggle against the federal government’s planned construction of warships can be found on her web site and blog: www.demilitarize.ca


What: Deliver Open Letter to NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie  

When: Monday, April 22 from 12:00 p.m.-12:45 p.m.

Where: MP Megan Leslie’s Community Office on Gottingen St.

Why: Deliver open letter on Earth Day and stand with signs outside of MP Leslie’s office




What: A GREEN ECONOMY: NO WARSHIPS! A Rally for Earth Day

When: Monday, April 22 from 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Where: Outside the Irving Shipyard, 3099 Barrington St., Halifax (At the Niobe Gate Entrance)

Why: A rally in support of Earth Day. The federal and provincial governments should be investing tax dollars in a green economy to take action on climate change and to protect our air, water and soil instead of wasting billions of tax dollars on warships that are not a priority. Canada needs a green, peaceful economy for a sustainable future.



·   Demilitarize: www.demilitarize.ca  and “Wednesdays against Warships” Blog: http://demilitarize.ca/wp/

·   Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamaralorincz

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For additional information and interviews, please contact:


Home Ph: (902) 443-2423 / Cell/Text: (902) 478-1379 / Email: tlorincz@dal.ca

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