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September 20, 2011

What have we missed? Tell us your story ideas!

Dominion Stories

What do you think Canadians need to know about? Post your story ideas and links below. We'll consider links for the Dominion's twice-monthly feature, Fortnight in Review, and we'll send journalists here for story ideas.

If you like a story that someone else has suggested, add your support, and any additional feedback.

Thanks for adding to the dialogue!



Will Canada Rebuild the Freeway Mistakes of the 1950s and 60s?

Across Canada, hundreds of killometers of elevated freeways built in the 1950s through the early 1970s are crumbling. Replacing these structures would cost tens of billions of dollars and result in the destruction of thousands of units of affordable (if polluted) housing.

Rebuilding these collosal mistakes would also drive up the consumption of tar sands oil for decades to come. This would be a major climate crime.

The alternative is to demolish these ugly mistakes, and invest in public transit, electric trains (ordinary ones, not the 300km an hour electricity guzzlers favored by multinationals) and public housing with great walking and cycling facilities. e.g. http://stopthepave.org/transformation

The $3 billion+ Turcot Interchange project in Montreal is the hottest current battle ground, but many more are on the horizon. e.g. http://www.montrealgazette.com/business/Future+anything+bright+controver...

Of course, giving up on automobile domination would be a major blow to the cancer-like economic growth that defines capitalism. e.g. http://www.fernwoodpublishing.ca/Stop-Signs/



Occupy Support

I think people shoukld be aware that the Kings-Hants Executive Committee of the NDP has written a letter of support for Occupy N.S.  Fair disclosure, I am on the committee, I was also camping with the Occupy N.S. protest in Grand Parade Square for 4 days and 3 nights.  They are a marvelous groups of people, mostly young, but not all.  I am 61, myself, and the nights I spent camping there were cold and difficult, but it was an experience I would not trade.  It has given me now hope for the world.  We just might have a future if the anti-Occupy propaganda doesn't prevail.

Occupy Saskatoon

Our camp was ended by the city a week ago — we left peacefully. No point causeing a mess or fuss.

But we keep learning, and we haven't quit. We've gone underground. Which, in some ways, makes it easier to plan and act. 

I expect we'll have a few things happening in the next few weeks.

Anyone from Media Co-op want to do a story?

Hi Rob, Perhaps someone who's

Hi Rob,

Perhaps someone who's involved in Occupy Saskatoon would want to write a blog about what's been happening?  Or do a photo essay?

You can post it yourself to the Media Co-op site.



I'm wondering if you're

I'm wondering if you're planning on including any coverage of the Trans Day of Remembrance (November 20th)? Or perhaps, at least, a mention in the "Upcoming events" section? The exact where, when and why details can be found here: http://www.transgenderdor.org/



Apology: re: trans day of remembrance


I only noticed this comment now.  Sorry that we weren't able to do some coverage.

For future reference, anyone with an account can post an event.  Getting an account just takes a couple second (button is in the righthand column).



What's happening?

I'm logged in; I posted along comment and now it has disappeared?

What can I do?

Big Pharma

Well the biggest most important issue that I can see is the Monsanto/Pfizer food and drug issues. Currently new drugs are being pulled from the market at an almaring rate. These drugs are killing or injuring many Canadians, the corportations in Canada are litterally in a haven. The number of Bad drug lawsuits is at a all time high and the number of people connected to them is huge. If we dont address this situation in this country immediatley they are going to continue to set precedents that will resonate down to our children in a very dangerous manner.

Anyone can look me up and see how I am doing my part to try and bring this industry under some level of control.

Please google Tim Moorley.

MiR: Aquaculture corp dumped pesticide into Bay of Fundy

Pesticide dumped in Bay of Fundy by Cooke Aquaculture, killed lobster, did Cooke violate fisheries act?

for Month in Review

1. Historic events in Guatemala: Authorities issued arrest warrants for former Minister of Defense and former President Oscar Humberto Mejía Víctores, and former military intelligence officials José Mauricio Rodríguez Sánchez and Luis Enrique Mendoza García. The Public Prosecutor seeks to press charges of genocide and crimes against humanity for massacres that occurred between 1982 and 1983 in the Ixil region, during which time all three were members of ex-General Efraín Ríos Montt's military high command.  Mendoza Garcia is also a graduate of the School of the Americas




Two of the three are on the run.




2. Private Members Bil C-354 retabled as C-323, a more in-depth corporate responsibility bill for Canadian companies operating abroad.




3. The Canadian Centre for International Justice filed a private prosecution in a Surrey provincial court to have Bush arrested for torture. It failed.




(Earlier this year, Bush was forced to cancel a trip to Switzerland after Amnesty International and other rights organizations threatened him with a similar court action.)


4. Hampton, NB, blocks shale gas testing after 70 residents protested outside council meeting.




Roadblock in Cornhill, NB, to protest shale gas extraction.




Occupy Saskatoon moves into its eighth day today (Satruday).

People are invited to participate in a number of events and workshops, including a futher discussion of our draft "Statement of Solidarity and Unity."

There will also be discussion of the possible formation of a Saskatoon Media Co-op.

Story Ideas

Hmm... I subscribe to ZMAG which is an American publication and a year or two ago, I read about a book that was a collection of Co-ops around the United States that were citizen owned, operated and sustainable. Has anyone ever looked into whether Canada has Co-op's and if so, where they are and how their doing? Someone in the USA has raised funds to produce another book about Co-operatives.


Canadian Co-ops.

Canada has a long history of co-operatives. Very strong in some places; less in others.
The University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, has it's Centre for the Study of Co-operatives.

hiI'm an organic farmer and


I'm an organic farmer and can tell you what i do, grow life, has absolutly nothing to do with money.  Growing life has to do with sunlight, moisture, and an environment, or the earth.  Money, is just an artifical concept, just as real as a picture. ie both are a represntatiion of a thing, and not the thing in question.  

We have lost our focus on what is of value in our lives, our communities, our politics.  We have used money to isolate ourselves from the living world around us which has lead to a spiritual and moral decay.  As proof i would site the election of steven harper who on a good day still has overtones of fascim.

The riches of this world belong to everyone.  the economy belong to all of us,and is to be shared by all, for all time.  If we are to believe in demaocracy, one person one vote we need to embrace the idea of a social democracy where dialogue and thoughtfull debate are honoured.  While those who argue that money and the economy  need to considered, there voice must yield to those who speak beyound the needs of an economy to the needs of the future care of our home, the earth, and our poorly understood  place in it.


Day dawned clear and -2°C this morning. We had 15 tents of people spend the night at the park. Up and at it for the day. Pancakes for breakfast.

BTW, did you know this is "Citizenship Week" in Canada. What better way to put our rights as citizens to work than Occupy (wherever we are).



IN Saskatoon, eventful day in solidarity with other Occupy groups. About 500  too part in our mach from the Universiy to downtown. We've got about 250 participating in the ongoing activity, which will include a General Assembly, starting in about half an hour (3:00 pm. local time)

                                                                  — 30 —

Hmm... I subscribe t

Hmm... I subscribe to ZMAG which is an American publication and a year or two ago, I read about a book that was a collection of Co-ops around the United States that were citizen owned, operated and sustainable. Has anyone ever looked into whether Canada has Co-op's and if so, where they are and how their doing? Someone in the USA has raised funds to produce another book about Co-operatives.

Pseudo: christalfulkerson
Website: voyage tunisie


We're working with some University of Saskatchewn Senators who are opposing the corporatization of the University.

12 noon:    March from the University to Downtown Saskatoon.

1:00 p.m.   Events in downtown primarily at Friendship Park, including General Assembly.  Movie this evening (after dark) called "Inside Job," abut the economic collapse of 2008-09.

the dollar, the airwaves and who controls them?


Why has the Canadian dollar moved almost 10 points DOWN during the last year or so.?Who or what forces make  it so? What real effect does this PLUNGE have on consumers? What are the "desired: efects on trade? 



Does Canada have its own Federal Reserve that usurps the nation's right to print and control our money supply?



How much have the real costs of living climbed this year. My grocery bill says 15-30%. Why?




The airwaves. Canadians used to own them per the old Broadcast Act and were guaranteed access.  Now access is a joke or non-existant. What happened? Who stole the airwaves and who is reselling them?

weapons in the sky

the weather modification, jet airplanes with white trails, over and over; creating rain, toxic air quality and a setting to conduct military experiments (ex brainwashing.) Where is the public debate on weather modification? who is responsible? what are the effects on earth, air, and life? how can we stop weather modification? Let's investigate...

Troy Davis

Many issue-specific listserv email messages this week began "I know this list is for XX issue, but I feel that the impending execution of Troy Davis is an isuse that must be addressed by everyone. Please sign this petition/send a fax to the Governor of Georgia/call the Board of Pardons..."

Troy Davis was executed September 21, on a denial of clemency by the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Democracy Now! did a 6-hour live broadcast: http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2011/9/22/democracy_now_6_hour_live_bro...

The Nation: http://www.thenation.com/blog/163498/today-georgia-murders-troy-davis, http://www.thenation.com/blog/163568/after-troy-daviss-death-questions-i...

WallStreet Occupation.

Hello, no media coverage has been made in the west on the developinng occupation of Wallstreet by the American people. I had to learn this from aljezera, not CNN, CBC, BBC, no western coverage is being made. The people are demanding an end to the nonsense caused by the wealthy, and police are making arrests. you can find live coverage online, connect with anonops on twitter for info, and look up the article on aljezera.

Thank you for your time.

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