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Halifax feminists protest Ghomeshi verdict and stand in solidarity with survivors

by Mount Saint Vincent University Feminist Collective

HALIFAX – The Mount Saint Vincent University Feminist Collective condemns the verdict of the Ghomeshi trial and stands in solidarity with the survivors. At a public rally to be held later today, organizers will assemble outside Nova Scotia Provincial Court to give speeches and chalk messages protesting the verdict and supporting the survivors.


“Ghomeshi’s acquittal is a tremendous injustice,” said Charlotte Kiddell, President of the MSVU Feminist Collective. “Throughout this trial the defence, media coverage, and finally the judge’s verdict have attacked survivors of sexual assault and undermined the validity of survivors’ testimonies.”


WHAT: Halifax feminists speak and chalk messages of support for survivors

DATE AND TIME: Friday, March 25, 2:00 PM

LOCATION: Nova Scotia Provincial Court, 5250 Spring Garden Rd


On Thursday, March 24, Jian Ghomeshi was found not guilty of four counts of sexual assault and one count to choking to overcome resistance.  In Toronto, a rally in protest of the Ghomeshi verdict was held immediately following the announcement.  Similar events are emerging across Canada.  The outcome of this trial is consistent with the precedent of the criminal justice system in which only approximately 0.5 per cent of sexual assaults result in court proceedings and only 0.2 percent end in convictions.

The results of the Ghomeshi trial are indicative of larger systemic injustice. “This is far from the first instance that the criminal justice system has failed to provide justice for survivors of sexual violence,” said Kiddell.  “This incident, alongside Dalhousie Dentistry scandal and the Saint Mary’s University rape chants, continues to perpetuate rape culture and survivor shaming.  We are outraged.  We believe survivors and we will not stand for this.”


The MSVU Feminist Collective is a student initiative, dedicated to promoting gender equity and advocating against sexist attitudes and actions, on campus and in our communities.




For more information:

Media Contact: Charlotte Kiddell, President of MSVU Feminist Collective, 902-580-5735 (cell)

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