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posted by jean.steinberg in on oct. 24, 2010 - View profile


Fabulous Lobster Trap Cabaret!

A fundraiser for Stepping Stone

Vendredi Novembre 5 2010

Venue: Paragon Theatre
Address: 2037 Gottingen St.
Cost: $8 at the door

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Fabulous Lobster Trap Cabaret! A fundraiser for Stepping Stone
Friday, November 5 at 10:00pm
at the Paragon Theatre, 8$ at the door.

A funked-up rockabilly dance party!
Pole dancing girls, Hot Djs & finger-picking, howlin' country!

Featuring Djs Android and Stumpy 89
Live disco cowgirl pole-dancing acrobats!
Christ Martin & the Troubleshoots and No Flyers Please!
The infamous Prof. El Jones
Hot Aural
Live painting

... and more!

for more info contact: 420-0103

About Stepping Stone:
Stepping Stone was founded in 1987 and is the only organization in the Maritimes that deals specifically with street life and sex work from a harm reduction model. Our offices and drop-in centre are located in a modest, non-residential house, where many of our staff members are former sex-workers. Our support is crucial to the wellbeing of hundreds of female, male and transgendered sex workers, and we do this in several key ways:
We support choice

Stepping Stone believes that all individuals have the right to self determination. We do not interfere with or attempt to stop their work; rather, we assist them in making their life choices as safe and positive as possible.

We protect

The Stepping Stone house is a safe-haven from the street, and a hub of activity. Much more than a place to shower and have a nutritious snack, the house hosts regular visits from many community partners including  community and mental health nurses, legal aid, and Avalon. We are a one-stop shop for access to services such as : one-on- one peer counseling; workshops on health and legal issues; recreational and personal growth activities; and computer access and educational opportunities. The house is a place where sex workers meet and form a community; the house is also a home.

We advocate

Our trained staff provide advocacy through a variety of ways such as court support, housing support (to locate and maintain stable and adequate housing), building community relations, and through harm reduction. 

We reach out

Four evenings a week our Street Outreach Program connects with our clients on the stroll as well as those working out of private houses. Outreach allows us to visit our clients on the job, and ensure that they are safe and have the supplies they need to remain that way. We provide condoms, food and drinks, Bad Trick Lists, crisis intervention, and referrals to in-house staff for further aid. Outreach workers forge friendly and trusted relationships with street-based sex workers who may otherwise be isolated from their communities. 






Organizer:stepping stone 420-0103

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