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posted by Robert DeVet in on sept. 21, 2014 - View profile


Rolling Revolution! Cats Glare Back at Sexual Street Harassment and Sexual Violence

- 9:00pm
Samedi Septembre 27 2014

Venue: Victoria Park

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Cats Call Back! Calling all cool cats, fat cats, tom cats, felines, and familiars. We’re hissing at street harassment and sexualized violence and saying no more will we feel unsafe walking, running, rolling, skating, and strolling in our city. No more will we allow a culture which tells us that cat calls are just compliments. That we should be flattered by yelling, stalking and other forms of violence. That we should fear verbal or physical abuse when we do not ‘appropriately’ respond to barking, jeering, and objectifying statements just to be told it is our fault for being out on the street. We're saying stop it, meow! 

We are a glaring of cats glaring back!

Join Avalon Sexual Assault Centre and Hollaback! Halifax for a rolling revolution tour of the city to show your support for victims and survivors of street harassment and sexualized violence and to reclaim spaces of reported street violence. Join us and support by wearing your best pair of whiskers, ears, and tails or just bring your best pair of wheels to roll with us. We encourage decorating bikes, skates, rolling chairs, scooters and any other forms of transportation in turquoise, the colour of sexual violence awareness. All supporters welcome. All Ages, All Genders.


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