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Reel Justice

Co-curated by the 2014 MayworksHalifax Festival and the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative

- 9:00pm
Mardi Avril 29 2014

Venue: Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative
Address: 5663 Cornwallis St. Suite #101
Cost: By donation
Accessibility: Yes

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Presented with Dalhousie University & Ujamaa

Please note: Admission by donation to the Burnley “Rocky” Jones Education Fund.

Total program: 90 minutes.

Our movie screens are colonized by Hollywood and its big business interests. Reel Justice responds with a collection of films you won’t see at the multiplex. Local filmmakers celebrate our many and varied heroes and wrangle with the issues of social justice that affect our community. This year, we begin with a tribute to Rocky Jones, and all donations collected at this screening will be given to the Burnley “Rocky” Jones Education Fund.

Evening program:

Encounter at Kwacha House (18 mins) – Rex Tasker, 1967
This short film presents a lively discussion between black and white youths at the interracial club in Halifax, touching on racial discrimination in employment, housing, education and interpersonal relations.

Making It (11 mins) – Sobaz Benjamin, 2006
This short documentary is a portrait of Black people who have overcome systemic and overt racism in the workplace to be successful in their careers. Made as part of the Work For All project 2006, an NFB and HRSDC-Labour initiative to combat racism in the workplace.

What Happened to Esther? (10 mins) – Jenna Marks, 2013
This animated short tells the story of an African Nova Scotian midwife and what happened to her on the day of the Halifax Explosion. Produced as a NSCAD thesis film.

Waters of the Diaspora: The Passage (1 min) - Sylvia D. Hamilton, 2013
This is a short poetic meditation on the lingering legacy of the transatlantic trade in African people. Water was central to that trade. A montage of moving images of water and waves is projected over the text of the poem that Hamilton voiced.

Reeny (5 mins) – Fateh Ahmed, 2013
This biographical documentary follows a young woman from North Preston aiming to restore peace and love in her community.

Scarlines (20 mins) – Stephanie Young, 2013
This film tells the story of Jack, a post-op transman who returns to his small hometown for the first time since his transition. Produced as a NSCAD thesis film.

Ask First (4.5 mins) – Brendan Anckaert, J. Mary Burnet & Kaleigh Trace, 2013
A parody written in response to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” to promote enthusiastic consent and sex positivity in a shitty, heteronormative, patriarchal culture that objectifies women, normalizes rape, and blames survivors for their assault because they had “blurred lines.”

Spot the Immigrant (6.5 mins) – Pink Dog Productions, 2010
This game show parody turns stereotypes about new Canadians upside down. Developed in collaboration with new Canadians thanks to a project grant from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Wild West (3 mins) – Pink Dog Productions, 2010
A stranger arrives in town… This parody Western explores the challenges faced by those in the process of settling into their new country. Developed in collaboration with new Canadians through a project grant from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Don’t Dictate! NEGOTIATE! (4 mins) – Liz MacDougall, 2012
Frustrated with the lack of in-depth journalism during the six-week 2012 Halifax Transit strike, independent video makers went to the picket line on a frigid January day to get the story from the bus drivers themselves. The resulting video revealed the drivers’ deep concern over increasing erosion of our legislated rights to collective bargaining. This statement was then released to the public using YouTube, email and Facebook.

No Free Ride (3.5 mins) – Bruce MacDonald, 2013
The Award-winning Canadian director Bruce McDonald is sending a message to Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak about that party’s plans for the province’s unions. Produced in collaboration with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.


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