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Strange Collisions

A crash course in performance creation.

Monday February 21 2011

Venue: Dalhousie Arts Centre
Address: University Ave
Cost: $150

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Zuppa Theatre Co. presents

Strange Collisions
A crash course in performance creation.

February 21st - 25th, 2011
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Strange Collisions is a workshop, for high school students / university students / pre-professionals / professionals taught by Zuppa’s core company members Ben Stone and Susan Leblanc-Crawford. This workshop will introduce participants to Zuppa’s unique and exciting approach to actor based performance creation, stressing the vital connection between the mind, voice, body and a keen sense of fun. It’s a dynamic theatre crash course that culminates in a short performance created – from scratch – by the workshop participants.

Cost - $150.00
For more information or to register contact Susan Leblanc

Theatre that uses the whole animal...

Zuppa Theatre Co. is an ensemble theatre company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The company is driven by a core group of artists developing original performances in collaboration with like-minded individuals from related disciplines. Every Zuppa show is a ride through wild visions, genres, familiar stories and the unknown; the experiences, thoughts and inclinations of the lead artists determine the landscape. The company has developed a unique collaborative process that favours the intuitive over the formulaic and thrives on the play between the imagined and the real. At the heart of each show is the restless spirit of the actor.


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