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posted by Robert DeVet in on May 4, 2014 - View profile


Celebrate our environment / Defend our communities

- 12:00pm
Saturday May 10 2014

Venue: Clock Park

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Come out & Express Yourself ~ Get informed, network with some good people, and share in this Celebration of Our Climate & Our Communities. 

This event is part of a Canada-wide event, Defend our Climate, Defend our Communities organized nationally by LeadNow.ca, to inform our governments of our vision of a cleaner, sustainable energy future. 
National Host info ☛ www.defendourclimate.ca/

The focus we will have is to celebrate our great community; our land, our water & our clean air. We also want to tell our representatives in government that the unchecked oil & gas development in this country cannot proceed in the current manner, soiling our environment, damaging our communities. "“We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we have borrowed from future generations" 
☛ Extensive Fracking is proposed for Nova Scotia & New Brunswick. There is certainly concern that when the moratorium on fracking is over later this year, after the Wheeler Commission's Hydraulic Fracturing Review has made their recommendations, that fracking will go forward. This is an opportunity to speak to this issue.

There are many issues confronting all Nova Scotians & Canadians in general these days. Some are concerned about the erosion of democracy, others the free trade pacts, others are concerned about global conflicts. Health care erosion & pension concerns are also on people's mind. 
If any of this concerns you, or you have a workable vision to make a better world we can pass on to future generations, this is an opportunity to SPEAK UP and Defend Our Communities!

► This event is intended to be kid & grandparent friendly, arranged to offer information to people and support for those who want to ensure a cleaner, positive, sustainable future.



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