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- 5:00pm
Tuesday August 16 2016

Venue: Barrington Street at Spring Garden
Address: Barrington at Spring Garden
Cost: Free

Opposing the warmongering and aggression of the Canadian government in concert with the United States and its other allies and satraps against the peoples of the world.

Note that this event is held outdoors and will be cancelled whenever the weather does not permit discussion or leafletting.

Say no to the pro-war government of Justin Trudeau!

Trudeau Government's Program for War
No U.S. or Other Foreign Warships
in Canadian Waters!

No U.S. or other foreign warships in Halifax Harbour! 
Get Canada out of NATO! 

Join with No Harbour For War at the weekly anti-war pickets. 4-5pm, Fridays (weather permitting) at the corner of Spring Garden Rd. & Barrington St.

Let us together organize and prepare conditions for an anti-war government!


Organizer:No Harbour For War

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Topics: Peace/War
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