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- 5:00pm
Friday April 12 2013

Venue: Barrington Street at Spring Garden Road
Cost: Free

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Join the weekly pickets opposing imperialist intervention in Syria and Iran. 4-5 pm, Fridays (weather permitting) at Corner of Spring Garden Rd. & Barrington St. Hands Off Syria! Hands Off Iran! Canada Needs an Anti-War Government! Get Canada Out of NATO!


 Let us boldly change the direction from war to peace and organize a powerful and effective anti-war, anti-imperialist movement that weakens and stays the hands of the warmongers and those who conciliate with war!


Let us together organize and prepare conditions for an anti-war government!




We began these pickets last June. So we are approaching the one year mark. On a few occasions we have cancelled due to poor weather but usually we have maintained at least a minimal picket on Fridays and distributed literature.

At this point, fortunately, US and NATO have not directly attacked either Syria or Iran although thee has been no shortage of demonizing propaganda, sanctions, non-military aid and even weapons shipments to armed groups opposing the especially the Syrian government. So our pickets continue.

Organizer:Halifax Branch of the CPC (M-L), No Harbour For War, and others.

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Topics: Peace/War
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