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posted by Dartmouth Players in on Mar 4, 2013 - View profile


Auditions - Count Dracula

Thursday March 21 2013
- 5:00pm
Saturday March 23 2013

Venue: Dartmouth Players Theatre
Address: 33 Crichton Avenue
Cost: n/a
Accessibility: yes

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Count Dracula

Comic Thriller

Written by Ted Tiller

14 performances, June 5-22 (Preview June 3rd)


Auditions will be held at Dartmouth Players, 33 Crichton Ave.


7-10pm Thursday, March 21

7-10pm Friday, March 22

2-5pm Saturday, March 23




Things are more than unusually strange at Dr. Seward's Asylum for the Criminally Insane ever since the arrival of a mysterious nobleman from Transylvania. Mina, the doctor’s beautiful and virtuous young ward, has fallen ill with a strange malady - with the same symptoms that killed her friend Lucy - and Renfield, a patient, keeps escaping! Thrilling, suspenseful, and amusing, this is a witty version of Bram Stoker’s classic story of a suave vampire.




Dr. Arthur Seward (Male)

The asylum director. A dignified, kindly, compassionate middle-aged man. 


Sybil Seward (Female)

Dr. Seward’s addle-pated spinster sister, she is a slightly daft, cheerful romantic who’s never known romance.


Renfield (Male or Female)

A schizophrenic inmate of indeterminate age. The actor should have the flexibility and athleticism for violent movement and odd, animalistic postures.


Jonathan Harker (Male)

He is a handsome, likeable, outgoing young architect. The role requires some athleticism for a fight scene.


Mina Murray (Female)

A gentle and warm hearted young woman. She is becoming a vampire, and so her personality slowly changes to that of a seductive, scheming wanton. 


Count Dracula (Male)

An arresting and strangely hypnotic figure whose age is hard to determine. His countenance is lupine, cruel, and coldly handsome. 


Professor Van Helsing (Male or Female)

Van Helsing is a dedicated scientist and a genial individual. Though rumpled in appearance and comfortable as an old shoe, the professor must be played with dignity.


Hennessey (Male or Female)

Chief attendant at Dr. Seward’s asylum. Must be physically strong to help subdue Renfield’s violent outbursts.


Wesley (Male or Female)

Another asylum attendant, younger than Hennessey. Also needs the strength to help control Renfield. 


Please note that this is an amateur production.

We will be using scenes from the play for the audition pieces.

If you have any questions in advance, please contact director Tamara Smith at tamarasmith78@gmail.com.

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