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No Fracking Way

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What is Fracking?

Fracking, or Hydraulic Fracturin, is a method of extracting unconventional natural gas from shale. A well is drilled to a layer of shale 1-2 kilometres beneath the surface. A high pressure fluid mixture of water, sand and propietary chemicals is injected into the well, fracturing the rock near the end of the well. Natural gas flows into these fractures, and is pumped to the surface for processing and transport. In some areas of the U.S., fracking has been associated with drinking water contaminated with methane and toxic chemicals.

(NOFRAC: Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition/Ecology Action Center pamphlet “Fracking in Nova Scotia)


Where is it occuring/going to occur in Nova Scotia:

Fracking is already occuring in the Windsor Block. Triangle Petroleum corporation (orange) is leasing the Windsor Block, and will aplly to drill and frack up to 7 more wells before 2014. They have drilled and fracked two wells in 2008.

Petroworth (red) was recently granted an extension of their lease near Lake Ainslie. The government has initiated a call for exploratoritoy drilling along the North Shore (Amherst, Tatamagouch, Scotsburn, River John, Pictou, New Glasgow, Stellerton, Trenton, Pictou Landing, Antigonish) as well as central (Truro/Bible Hill) and the Valley.

(NOFRAC: Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition/Ecology Action Center pamphlet “Fracking in Nova Scotia)


Geologist Dr. Anthony Ingraffea on Natural Gas Drilling and Fracking


Kelly’s Speech from Occupy NS No Fracking Way Rally upon request of a few attendee’s



NOFRAC: Nova Scotia Fracking Resource and Action Coalition : groundwater@ecologyaction.ca ,acsec@ecologyaction.ca)

NOFRAC Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nofrac

NOFRAC Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nofrac

Stop Fracking in Nova Scotia grahamhutchinson@ns.sympatico.ca

The Council of Canadians             1-800-387-7177       http://www.canadians.org

Nova Scotia Shale Gas and Fracking UPDATE http://updateNS.org

Protect Lake Ainsle FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/protect-lake-ainslie

Save Lake Ainslie http://www.savelakeainslie.org

Ecology Action Center http://www.ecologyaction.ca

The Sierra Club http://atlantic.sierraclub.ca

Jain the Margaree Environmental Association: send contact details plus $5 to Margaree Environment Association; c/o Box 49, Margaree Centre, NS, b0e 1z0 (please note anydonations are not tax deductable; The court case is an Appeal under the Environmental Act).

Gaslands (Documentary): http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/

Triangle Petrolium Corporation, 1660 Wynkoop St, Suite 900, Denver, CO, 80202; Phone            (303)260-7125      ; Fax (303)260-5080; Email info@trianglepetroleum.com

Petroworth Resources Inc. 170 University Ave, Suite 901, Toronto, ONT, m5h 3b3; PHONE            (416)214-1551      ; email info@petroworth.com

Petroworth President: Neal Mednick nmednick@petroworth.com; phone             (416)214-1551       FAX (416)214-1997

Premier of Nova Scotia Darrell Dexter             (902) 424-6600       or             1-800-267-1993      ; Fax (902) 424-7648; email premier@gov.ns.ca

Nova Scotia Minister of energy Charlie Parker             (902)424-4575      ; emailenergyminister@gov.ns.ca

Nova Scotia Minister of Environment Sterling Belliveau             (902) 424-3736      ; Fax (902) 424-1599; email min_env@gov.ns.ca

Nova Scotia Minister of Tourism, Culture and Heritage Percy Paris             (902) 424-4889      ; Fax (902) 424-4872; email mintour@gov.ns.ca

Mailing Address: Province House; 1726 Hollis Street, Halifax, NS b3j 2y3



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