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Let's work together to buld a society based on our common values

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Let's work together to buld a society based on our common values
As the Federal election campaign comes to a close and many of us head to the election polls tomorrow, I think we have a responsibility to keep the conversation going. The reality is, all of our hopes and dreams for a more compassionate, caring and equitable Canada are too big to fit into a ballot box

I want to say a special thanks to all those Canadians who, after educating themselves on our colonialist and bourgeois parlimentary system which includes bourgeois elections, have decided to consciously object from the electoral process. It is with the help of people like you that we can blaze a path of progress that moves beyond this antiquated way of organizing society, namely bourgeois parlimentarianism.

Democracy is about choice and if people loose their ability to choose not to vote, weather that be through mandated voting or social pressures and extortion, then that becomes a democratic deficit. As someone who chose to vote this election, I personally do not want to live in a society where I am at risk of loosing that ability to choose

I also want to say a special thanks to those who exposed the "strategic vote lie". As long as opinion polls, polls that always have a flawed methodology used for data collecting and  can be done by front groups for Federal parties or special interest groups, are legal during elections,people are not going to decide how to vote based on values and a parties platform and policies. The fact is opinion polls are not scientific and they actually skew the public opinion by corralling citizens into supporting one party or another rather than having citizens occupy the space for change to discuss on their own terms what they believe needs to be done to create a better Canada
I believe that if you choose to vote, the most effective way to vote for a Canada that you want, is to vote based on your values. I want a Canada where we value those who come to our doors with important pieces of mail on a daily basis. Sometimes It is nice to say hello and as a result, be greeted with a smile by the person delivering your mail
I value a strong Health care system where we look after the medical needs of all and I value a society that pools their monies( in our case through taxes) together to make sure every ones medical needs in looked after regardless of the amount of money in their bank account
I value living in a society where education is accessible to all. We have a ways to go to see a society where grants replace loans and I believe if we follow the example of Newfoundland we can get their. The first step is to lessen the burden of student debt while earmarking more public money to universities and I believe we can do that.

I value a society where women have equal worth as men and where space is created for women to take an important role in deciding how our society is run. As long as women are not paid the same for equal work as men, our society will continue to suffer.

I want to live in a society that values womens right to choose what to do with and how to cover their body, be that a bikini covering or a niqab covering.

I value living in a society whereby moms and dads are not forced to make the choice of either childcare or work. I believe our children are a gift to society and they are nobodies private property and I believe we can find an inexpensive way to care for our children with that in mind.

I value the idea that economic wealth should not be concentrated and monopolized to the point that  economic powers are  able to buy political power. I value a society that supports small businesses who invest in our communities and create jobs. I do not value a society that allows companies to sit on "dead money" while watching the society around them suffer because of lack of investment.
I value the earth and the plants and animals that live in all the diverse ecosystems of the earth. There are many  people out there, specifically First Nations, Inuit and Metis who have wisdom and can teach us ways to live in harmony with the earth and each other and if we do not value what the different people groupings of First nations can teach us, we will all suffer
I value a society that sees value in sovereignty and that respects and works with the sovereignty of nations be it Meti Inuit, blackfoot or others who live alongside us on the part of Turtle Island that many call Canada .

I also believe in the respect for self determination and sovereignty of nations and peoples that is codified in the the U.N Charter. If we believe that the political decisions in Canada should be decided by Canadians than the same should hold true for Syrians or Ukrainians. Bring the troops home now!!!! No to imperialist wars!!!Canada out of Nato!!!!

I value the ability to light up a spliff after a busy day. I Believe all adult Canadians should have the freedom to choose to partake in the plant-medicine known as marijuana without being criminalized. I believe that before we leagalize marijuana we need to discuss ways in which we can offer it to Canadians whereby communities not large corporations can benifit from the jobs and economic growth that it can offer

These are a few of my Values and in a riding where my choices were green, conservative, liberal and NDP, my choice at the voting boot was easy, I voted NDP

If you are going to vote tomorrow, please vote with where your values best align. I believe that if Canadians search their souls they may find that they share many of the same values that the NDP share

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