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Letting Refugees Into Canada Will Not Stop The War in Syria : A Critique of the "Refugees Welcome Here" movement

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no mater how many war refugees we let into Canada, the act of doing so will not stop the Syrian war
no mater how many war refugees we let into Canada, the act of doing so will not stop the Syrian war
From the first picture of Alyn, I had to ask myself "how many dead refugees wash ashore in the exact position that many western babies are known to sleep" and sure enough you have heard Specifically from pro war NGO's the use of 'this is how my child sleeps" to garner support for more bombing. I also find myself asking " do dead bodies usually show up on a beach after being in a cold ocean,having the color of a living human?"
It has come out that there were other pictures taken of the dead child in different positions, Could it be that it washed ashore and then a photographer had it strategically placed to pull at our heart strings. Have we in the progressive movement been bamboozled and hoodwinked by main stream media
To all my comrades, allies and aquantences who have been focusing on bringing more refugees to Canada,I admire your passion and I imagine your intentions are well meaning. The problem is, intentions do not mean shit. What matters is the consequences of our actions
We must ask ourselves what is the real crises, the refugees or the imperialist War between the American backed Daesh and the Syrian people?
We must help all Refugees who need help in our country and those who are in transition but any more than that and we are stealing away a choice for Syrians to stay in the country they love
As an NDP supporter, I was saddened when I heard, in the Leaders interviews with Peter Mansbridge, that Justin Trudeau had better revolutionary ideas then Mulcair. Just said we need to give the Kurds the ability to effectively fight Isis
If we gave more weapons to the Kurds, they could liberate more of Rojava that is in the hands of Daesh and if this then more internally Displaced Syrians could be welcomed in Rojava
In Syria, the Syrian Red Crescent along with other groups have been helping internally displaced Syrians, many who want to stay in their country. How come we here no cry to donate to the Syrian Red Crescent or other groups with similar goals.
It is starting to come out that many of the refugees fleeing into Europe, almost on cue,(was this planned?) are coming from Turkey. Could it be that Turkey facilitated the refugees leaving the camps in turkey to flood into Europe as part of a larger plan that would see the heart strings of many in the progressive movement being pulled in a way to have them become advocates for bringing more Syrian refugees to Canada while at the same time banking on media using this as an excuse to call for more bombing in Syria. Already we have seen the Sept 8th front page headline of the U.K Sun having a picture of a small boy and the words "for Aylan" while claiming that 52 % say bomb Syria now. How convenient for this to be happening exactly when in the British parliament they are discussing more intervention in Syria
Emotion is an evolutionary adaptation that allows us process information quickly. It has served us well as we evolved. Fear for instance, served us well on the African plains when we needed to escape that rustle in the grass. I am sure that often the rustle in the grass was just the wind but some times it was a saber tooth tiger. The emotion of fear gave some the advantage over those more logically minded and inquisitive homo sapians who over time got taken out of the gene pool as a result of them finding out first hand that that rustle in the grass was something looking for lunch.
Over hundreds of thousands of years, we humans have gone through a cultural evolution that has given us the ability to reason and have logic and logic and reason is how we analyze Capitalism and imperialism. Capitalism is not a moral production that creates good guys here and bad guys over there whereby we intuit with our feelings who is who. Capitalism is a mode of production that separates workers from owners, accumulates capital and lead to imperialist expansion which is upheld by imperialist war.
This is what we are seeing with the American empire and Daesh, their proxy army. this imperialist war must be understood through reason and logic and having an analysis of how imperialism works. Once one has an understanding of how imperialism and imperialist wars happen than one has the ability to take an anti-imperialist stance to stop war.
Canada must be an open refuge for all who want to come here but we must not force people from their homeland when there are better alternatives and no mater how many war refugees we let into Canada, the act of doing so will not stop wars, rather it will divert our attention from taking concrete action, whether that be civil disobedience, direct action, economic , armed insurrection, etc to stop this war in particular and hopefully all imperialist wars

                                                                Submitted by, Aaron Doncaster

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