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Testing Citizenship, Criminalizing Intellectual Disabilities, and Fair Elections

Episode 4 of The Tide Podcast

by Erica Butler

The Tide is a new podcast featuring stories by the Halifax Media Coop.
The Tide is a new podcast featuring stories by the Halifax Media Coop.
On this episode of the Tide:
Would you pass as a Canadian?
Most Canadians born here will never have to learn some of the things on Canada's citizenship test. And in 2013, the federal government made it even harder, with increased focus on language and military history. Tim Callanan reports on what it takes to become a Canadian citizen. 
Criminalizing Intellectual Disabilities
Media Coop editor and reporter Robert DeVet brings us the story of two Nova Scotia women with intellectual disabilities being dragged into the criminal court system.  There are striking similarities between the cases of Nichelle Benn and Amanda Murphy - both institutionalized, and both accumulating histories of criminal charges and convictions for assault.  Recently the parents of both women have been speaking up and calling for a change to the way intellectually disabled adults are handled in the criminal justice system.
All's Not Fair in Canadian Elections
As parliamentarians discuss the new Fair Elections Act this week, Erica Butler speaks with Fair Vote Canada's Kelly Carmichael about her objections to the new act, and her ideas for more comprehensive electoral reform in Canada.
Produced by Erica Butler and Pierre Loiselle, with contributions from Tim Callanan and Robert DeVet.

Theme Music: The Just Barelys

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