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Students teach MLAs a lesson on lowering tuition fees in Nova Scotia

by Laura Penny

Photo: Rebecca Rose
Photo: Rebecca Rose
Photo: Rebecca Rose
Photo: Rebecca Rose

Dr. Laura Penny, university lecturer and author of More Money than Brains made the case for reduced tuition fees in Nova Scotia outside Province House in Halifax on November 17. 

The Teach-Out was entitled 'Take Your MLAs Back to School' and was organised by students  as part of the Reduce Fees-Drop Debt Campaign, which calls on the Dexter government to increase funding for post-secondary education, reduce tuition fees for all students, and increase the non-repayable grant portion of a student loan.

Students in Nova Scotia pay some of the highest tuition fees in the country, at an average of almost $5,500 per year and on average graduate with over $31,000 in debt after an undergraduate degree, according to the Canadian Federation of Students- Nova Scotia. 

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