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Reality tv immigration raid: interview with Max Haiven

Analysis on the distorted reality

by Asaf Rashid

There is detailed background before the interview. 

Here are a few summary notes:

On Wednesday, March 13th Canada Border Services Agency – Canada's armed immigration / border police – raided an East Vancouver construction site with a private film crew in tow. They were in search of what they viewed as illegal workers.

The CBSA made several arrests that day. One man, Oscar Mata has already been deported to Mexico as of March 20th. Three of the men were told on Friday March 22nd that they would be forced to remain in jail until their deportation date, currently not set. A fifth man is set to undergo a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment, as he is claiming refugee status. A sixth man has been released on conditions.

The incident was filmed as part of a new series that airs on the National Geographic channel called “Border Security: Canada's Front Line.” the series is being produced by a Canadian production company called Force Four Entertainment.

To dissect the meaning of this Border Security series, the fodder of reality tv in general, and how it all relates to present day society, I've got an interview with Max Haiven, post doctoral fellow in the Department of Art and Public Policy at New York University. Additionally, he teaches locally in the area of Cultural Studies at NSCAD University.



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231 words
bar baz


I just gave the production company a ring . . .

. . . and left them a message stating my opinion of their racist propaganda hack-job.
Their number is 604.669.4424, and if people want to make an event of letting them know what vile pieces of shit they are, I think that would be fantastic.

For more on this...

Most of the ideas I talk about here come from the work of A.L. McCready (https://almccready.wordpress.com/) whose work on the militarization of Canadian culture is amazing.  McCready's book Yellow Ribbons is coming out with Fernwood (http://www.fernwoodpublishing.ca/) later this year.

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