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Pro-rape chant symptomatic of endemic sexism on campus - St. Mary's Sociology Prof.

Interview with Dr. Wilma van der Veen, lecturer on Social Power Relations at SMU

by Miles Howe

St. Mary's campus [Photo: Wikipedia]
St. Mary's campus [Photo: Wikipedia]

K'jiputktuk (Halifax) - Revelations continue to surface from St. Mary's University that show that the pro-rape chant recently made public via a CBC article is not an isolated incident. That chant, which promotes the rape of underage girls has been going on for years, and it would appear that concerns about it have fallen upon deaf ears at both the Student Union and Student Services levels.

Reaction from university spokespeople appears to follow the general line of shock, followed by disappointment, followed by a pledge to do better next time. There isn't much, however, in the way of acknowledgement that the chant might be part of an endemic sexism on campus.

In the following interview I speak with Dr. Wilma van der Veen, a lecturer in the Sociology and Criminology department at St. Mary's University. Among other classes, van der Veen teaches Social Power Relations at SMU.

Please enjoy the following interview with Dr. van der Veen.


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Van Der Veen Interview

Thank you for soing this interview, Miles.

Please if you would, change the language "non-consensual sex" to what it really is, which is rape.

 Beyond that, I'd like to hear some solution based dialogue for a change. These 80 or so leaders need to be a part of that solution, in order that they can change their own and other perspectives.I do not in any way condone what happened. It is, however, part of the larger rape culture that has existed and in fact, gotten stronger over decades.

Criticism is easy. Identifying and implementing strategies for safer campuses makes for real change. Real effective solutions exist. Let's get busy.

Thank you for your important work.





You're definitely right and

You're definitely right and I'm changing it right now on the site. Sorry for not identifying my error in language earlier. Thanks for your comments.


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