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Occupy Wall Street Shines On

Max Haiven is back from Wall Street with lessons to share.

by Miles Howe

Max Haiven will be presenting lessons from Occupy Wall Street this Tuesday, Nov. 27th [Photo: Miles Howe]
Max Haiven will be presenting lessons from Occupy Wall Street this Tuesday, Nov. 27th [Photo: Miles Howe]

K'jipuktuk (Halifax) - Max Haiven is back from the Big Apple, and he's brought with him a first-hand account of the Occupy movement's continued importance to our social fabric. From disaster relief efforts that outpaced the bureaucratic stumblings of FEMA and the Red Cross in the face of Hurricane Sandy, to the ingenious debt-relief efforts of initiatives such as 'Rolling Jubilee', despite the lack of a physical encampment, the Occupy movement has proven itself invaluable as a functioning alternative to raw capitalism.

For all the skeptics who thought that Occupy was dead, and all the Occupiers who've known better the whole time, the Halifax Media Co-op, along with Solidarity Halifax, is pleased to co-sponsor Max Haiven's presentation, which takes place this Tuesday, November 27th, at 6:30pm. Please see below for details, and please enjoy the following interview with Max Haiven.

The Radical Imagination Project presents:

From Debt Strikes to Hurricane Relief: Occupy Wall Street’s Pasts, Presents and Futures

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 2012 – 6:30pm

Auditorium (HA19) of the Dalhousie Architecture School
5410 Spring Garden Road, Halifax
[PLEASE NOTE: this is the building across from the Spring Garden Road library at the Dalhousie Sexton Campus)


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