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Halifax Solidarity with Elsipogtog

by Asaf Rashid

(this same intro appears at the outset of this piece)

Elsipogtog, traditional territory of Mi’kmakik, north of Moncton, New Brunswick. Since early June, it has been the epicentre of resistance to shale gas mining in NB, with a core of Mi'kmaq people and allies set up at an encampment there. Near the encampment, SWN (“swin”, a Texas-based company) has been exploring for shale gas, the first step towards hydrofracturing, or fracking. Fracking is a toxic chemical intensive process producing what opponents consider unacceptable destruction to the surrounding water and land. Over the last two months, over 30 people have been arrested while engaged in peaceful opposition to SWN's activities. While the core of resistance comes from Elsipogtog and surrounding communities, people from neighbouring provinces have also lent their support. In the following, I speak to two Halifax based allies with the people of Elsipogtog, Billy Lewis and Allison McCready. Billy is an indigenous elder, who has helped bring allies against shale gas together. Allison is one of the founders of the recently formed Halifax Coalition Against Fracking. We focus on why the anti fracking struggle at Elsipogtog is a regional issue; opportunities and challenges that allies bring and organizing in Halifax.





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