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Green rights, environmental racism, and honouring Loretta Saunders

The Tide Podcast, Episode 6

by Erica Butler

Green rights, environmental racism, and honouring Loretta Saunders

On this episode of the Tide:

Honouring Loretta Saunders

In the wake of the recently released UN report on Aboriginal peoples in Canada, and its call for a national enquiry into the pattern of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada, we remember Loretta Saunders through the voices and sounds of a Halifax vigil in her honour, held on March 27th, 2014. Featuring Inuit elder Sara Anala, Loretta's sister Delilah Terriak, the Kitpu Youth Drumming Group and Frances Palliser-Nicholas.

In Whose Backyard?

HMC reporter Robert DeVet tells about a new project looking into why toxic industries and waste dumps are so often located close to Black and Mi'kmaq communities in Nova Scotia. Featuring researcher Ingrid Waldron, and voices from the film In Whose Backyard?, produced by Pink Dog Productions.
Recognizing the rights of nature
In Canada, we don't have the right to clean air or clean water. Journalist Silver Donald Cameron is documenting the movement to recognize the rights of nature, and to include the right to a healthy environment in basic civil rights.  Though common in most of the world, the rights of nature are absent from a handful of countries including Canada.  Cameron talks about why that is, and why he thinks it should change.

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Produced by Erica Butler
Music:  Sisters  (A Tribe Called Red, feat. Northern Voice )
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