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Easy Being Green?

Interview with Nova Scotia Green Leader John Percy

by Miles Howe

John Percy of the Nova Scotia Greens [Photo: J. Percy]
John Percy of the Nova Scotia Greens [Photo: J. Percy]

K'jipuktuk (HALIFAX) - In a political landscape dominated by orange, blue and red, it's not easy being Green.

Yet despite the obvious flaws in our political system, John Percy of the Nova Scotia Greens wants your vote on October 8th.

The Greens don't have a multi-million dollar budget. In fact they're not even fielding a full slate of candidates.

But they also don't have a whole bunch of election promises. Theirs is more of a long term message, where we, the voters, are asked to make personal lifestyle choices that will positively affect the future.

The following interview with John Percy is a long one, coming in at about 30 minutes. For those more interested in particular issues, here's a handy legend:

On organizing a grassroots political party: 1:06

On the outflow of skilled workers to the West: 3:32

On revitalizing the rural economy, without resorting to aquaculture or fracking: 6:37

Can we get off our coal addiction?: 10:50

On student debt: 13:32

Does health care need fixing?: 16:57

On restructuring taxation: 19:20

First Nations relations: 21:40

The Boat Harbour disaster: 23:09

On proportional representation at the polls: 25:00


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