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Do Nova Scotia Labour and the NDP still mix?

Interview with Premier Darrell Dexter

by Miles Howe

Premier Dexter at the Halifax Labour Day picnic [Photo: M. Howe]
Premier Dexter at the Halifax Labour Day picnic [Photo: M. Howe]

K'jipuktuk (Halifax) - As Nova Scotia prepares for a provincial election, yesterday premier Darrell Dexter addressed a labour day crowd in the Halifax Commons.

The New Democrats appear to have been the only party invited to speak to the gathered crowd and despite a traditional allegiance between organized labour and what is ostensibly the people's party in the province, it appears that the proverbial honeymoon is over.

Sending paramedics to binding arbitration in early July is an act that has left a bitter taste in many union mouths, and I was curious to see what Dexter felt separated his NDP party from the provincial Liberals and Tories.

Please enjoy the following interview with Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter.

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