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Boscobel On The Arm Sub-division protest

Reporter Brianna D. Interviews Participant Helen Lofgren

by Roger DaviesBrianna D.

Reporter Brianna D. with "chalk-in" participant Jessie Tellez
Reporter Brianna D. with "chalk-in" participant Jessie Tellez

K'JIPUKTUK (HALIFAX) - Youth reporter Brianna D.  interviewed many of the neighbourhood people who attended the "chalk-in" protest on Hearthwood Cres. Helen Lofgren, a long-time resident of nearby-by Albion Road, expresses her views and feelings about the IMP Group sub-division, that clearcut - without community involvement - a precious old growth urban forest.

The sub-division plan is completely out of keeping with the surrounding neighbourhoods.  Lofgren answers Brianna D.'s questions in this interview.

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