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Unembedded: An interview with Scott Taylor

The independent war correspondent talks about a life covering the Canadian military.

by Erica Butler

Scott Taylor @ CKDU April 18, 2009
Scott Taylor @ CKDU April 18, 2009

Scott Taylor's new book, Unembedded (Douglas & McIntyre, year), is a memoir of Taylor's life as a soldier and journalist covering Canada's military. In a CKDU news/Halifax Media Coop interview, Taylor shares his perspective as an unembedded war reporter in Afghanistan and Iraq, and recounts the trials and tribulations of his magazine, Esprit de Corps, and its efforts to expose corruption in the Canadian military in the 1990's. From the release of the disturbing Airborne regiment hazing video in 1995 (on the heels of the even more disturbing video of soldiers in another Airborne unit beating a Somali man to death) to coverage of questionable 'successes' in the Iraq war, Taylor shares first hand experience of key national and international events of the past two decades.

Scott Taylor is editor-publisher of Esprit de Corps magazine and a columnist for the Chronicle Herald.

Here he is in conversation with Erica Butler at CKDU on April 18, 2009.

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