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Halifax rallies behind Gaza

by david parker

Halifax rallies behind Gaza
Halifax rallies behind Gaza

Citizens around the world are taking to the streets in opposition to the recent Israeli military invasion of Gaza. In Canada, cities across the country organized their own rallies, marches, and demonstrations, some numbering in the tens of thousands of participants. Since December 27, 2008, over 1200 Palestinians have been killed and approximately 5000 have been wounded, the majority civilians.

In Halifax last week, rallies on Friday and Saturday drew a combined 300 demonstrators out on the streets, denouncing the on-going occupation of Palestine and the gross escalation of Israeli violence that has drawn the world's attention. For many Palestinian Canadians in the crowd, the killing in Gaza hits very close to home. Many members of the crowd had family in Gaza, and were worried for the safety of their loved ones.

Audio includes interviews with local Palestinians, and Israeli Jewish peace activist Jeff Halper.

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