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Mini-Doc: The Eviction of Occupy Nova Scotia

by Nicolas Bergeron

This video explores the eviction of Occupy Nova Scotia through footage and interviews. 

Please Note: As outlined in the comment below, the video is inaccurate in saying that those arrested were released without charge. 

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Great Video!

My only comment is on the text at the end, where it says that everyone arrested was released without charges.

In fact, everyone was charged with 'Obstruction of Justice', which is a criminal offence. 

No one at occupy has so much as been given a ticket for camping in a park or being in a park after 10pm after a month of doing so everyday. 

When you break a municipal bylaw such as a noise complaint, chickens being kept in the city, being a park after it's closed, letting your dog off leash, etc... you usually get a ticket not dragged through the mud and charged with a criminal offence! 

They are charged and will have to fight those criminal charges in court. Wasting time and resources and for what??? Holding a peaceful protest in a park?



My apologies for the inaccuracy. Corrections are mentioned in the original Vimeo page description: 

Correction (9:32) - According to those arrested, they were charged with obstruction of justice. They were released with conditions that they not be in any municipal, provincial, or federal park. They are also not allowed in Grand Parade at city hall, where the Occupy Nova Scotia General Assemblies are held. Their court dates are in December. 

The three who were arrested Saturday have since been released. One is reportedly allowed in parks. The other two had been arrested for violating their park bans and still face those conditions. They are prohibited from associating with each other.

Also: The 'unnamed attorney' who speaks from 7:35-8:10 is Leanne MacMillan. She is a lawyer by trade and now works for the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) as a research rep. 

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