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Yugoslavia Is Now A Democracy

We in Canada were fed a daily dose of Corporate and Government propaganda, That the leader of Yugoslavia was evil and was killing his own people.

by written by A Truth Soldier

Yugoslavia Is Now A Democracy

Written by A Truth Soldier

We in Canada were fed a daily dose of Corporate and Government propaganda, That the leader of Yugoslavia was evil and was killing his own people.

So we were told that the solution was for all the Allied countries to bring Yugoslavia democracy.

So we, Canada participated in an eighty day round the clock non stop democratization of Yugoslavia.

It really pisses me off, the hypocrisy of the people in my town of Dartmouth Nova Scotia. For they still have a sign up at Banook Lake. The location of the 1997 international canoe championships. That names all the participating countries that Canada gladly welcomed to participate.

Yugoslavia, a kind peaceful Christian country was gladly welcomed.

Then just a few years later we went and visited the beautiful country of Yugoslavia and obliterated it with carpet bombing with depletted uranium munitions that also contained radioactive contamination that will keep killing and severely deforming all breathing creatures for ever.

I was so very curious as to what we in Canada called democracy.

I went online and went to the Slobidan Milosovich (Former Leader of Yugoslavia) support website.

I read about how Slobidan, who was in custody at the world court known as the Hague, kept saying that they were poisoning him and that he was being refused proper medical care. Slobidan later died before the trial was permitted to commence.

But Slobidan did give alot of testimony in the preliminary hearings. All the transcripts of these hearings were on-line and I read most of them.

It was soon very very clear that, He Slobidan Milosovich was truely an amazingly kind and honourable human being.

I eventually discovered that we Canada participated in the destruction of a democratic country named Yugoslavia.

After this I then realized that Canada had also lost its democracy.

For a true democracy would ever go out and destroy another peaceful and free democracy.

What really shocks me is that no one here in my town has ever asked the question. Where is the democratic Yugoslavia? After all we brought them democracy.

I learned where it is. It does not exist. The Christians were wiped out. Their land and country was stolen and then divided up into little pieces amongst the villains.

So we, Canada brought Yugoslavia something that dose not exist. We brought them the illusion of democracy. We brought them death, for democracy truely is dead.

We killed and Killed. We destroyed all the churches, hospitals, schools, government buildings, water plants, power plants etc etc etc. We destroyed everything that was built and created by the democracy known as Yugoslavia.

I once thought that..
But then I realized...
Because we got the
By which they created
But beware of

Milan Spoljarich Great article!
Marucok Manurung So entouching....This great Yugoslavia should proud that from this historic country, born a great scientist that had changed the world technology advancements; Nikola Tesla. I don't care about democracy, socialist or communism. They are the same with different face.
Andrea Fox ‎... Actually, I "Unlike" what happened, but all that is written is true ...

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