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A very good year for the HMC: Our 15 most-read stories in 2015

by Editor

A very good year for the HMC: Our 15 most-read stories in 2015

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) - The Halifax Media Co-op has been around for almost seven years, and  year after year readership is up. 2015 is no exception. Journalism (including citizen journalism) is alive and well in Nova Scotia. This year we featured some 420 articles and op-eds, by 60 different writers.

We think that’s pretty good. Sometimes we like to think we actually make a difference.  

A big thank you to our writers, our readers, our loyal supporters and of course our sustainers. We hope you have a wonderful 2016. And we hope that at times you will get an inkling to write for us. Remember, we pay!   

On that note, here are the top fifteen most popular stories published in the Halifax Media Co-op in 2015. Ten different authors contributed to the list.  

1 - Nova Scotia media not telling the full story: Plotters’ neo-nazi sympathies downplayed. By Robert Devet

2 - When buying socks for the poor is no solution. By Judy Haiven

3 - Bad times are coming to Nova Scotia. Dealing with higher food prices, crumbling infrastructure and austerity. By Rural Poverty in Annapolis Valley West

4 - Misogynist shaming effort backfires. Bad Apple Brewhouse in full damage control. By Rebecca Rose

5 - Because it’s 2015. By Rebecca Rose

6 - An open letter to Alexa McDonough and Mega Leslie. By Ardath Whynacht

7 - Shake-up at Community Services. By Robert Devet

8 -  “We didn’t think at the time the images would be painful and upsetting.” Images of bound and gagged indigenous women make up part of Bathurst, New Brunswick festival. By Miles Howe

9 - “He doesn’t meet our values as human beings.” Argyle Grill and Bar management shuts door on Slut Whisperer photographer. By Miles Howe   

10 - On the defeat of Megan Leslie and Peter Stoffer. By James Hutt

11 - Exposing John Risley and the 1 %. By Kyle Buott and Sebastien Labelle

12 - Three arrested on Spring Garden Road in Bill C51 protest. By Miles Howe

13 - Budget 2015: Assistance freeze and job cuts at Community Services. By Robert Devet

14 - Dispatches from Burnside episode five: Teach your children well. by Phoenix:

15 - Map shows glyphosate applications in New Brunswick 2005-2014. By Miles Howe


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