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Nova Scotians Disapprove of Convention Centre Project

Trade Centre Limited Survey Finds Nova Cold on Convention Centre

by Save the View

Artist's Rendition of the Proposed Convention Centre
Artist's Rendition of the Proposed Convention Centre

A massive government publicity campaign has not been able to convince most Nova Scotians to approve a new convention centre in Halifax, says the Coalition to Save the View.

Only 42% of 802 randomly selected adult Nova Scotians strongly or somewhat approve of the convention centre and 50% strongly or somewhat disapprove of the centre, according to a survey released by Trade Centre Limited Wednesday evening.

“The more Nova Scotians know about this project, the less they like it,” said Allan Robertson, spokesperson for the Coalition. Of those who described themselves as very familiar with the project, only 38% approve of it, compared to 59% who disapprove of it.

“Governments should not be spending $160M on a new convention centre in downtown Halifax, while cutting funding to health care and education,” was cited as a very or somewhat convincing reason to disapprove of the convention centre by 75% of those questioned.

“Spending government money on a convention centre in Halifax means less money will be available for infrastructure needs in rural Nova Scotia such as roads, bridges and water treatment facilities”, according to 73%.

A majority of those questioned also thought all the costs should be paid by the private sector, not with taxpayer money, and that a new convention centre would lose money and become a white elephant. Most also agreed that we should renovate the existing convention centre and save money, and that the proposed convention centre would detract from the historic character of Halifax, especially the view from Citadel Hill.

The document released by Trade Centre Limited at www.conventioncentreinfo.com does not state the exact questions asked. The survey cost $20,000 and was performed by Foundation Research Group of Toronto between September 6 and 11, about three weeks after the federal government announced it would allow part of the Nova Scotia allocation of infrastructure funds to be spent on the project.

“Now is the time for governments to listen to Nova Scotians”, said Mr. Robertson. “Now is the time to reallocate these funds to worthwhile projects.”

Contact: Allan Robertson, (c) 222 6730.

SAVE the VIEW is a coalition made up of individuals and eleven non-partisan organizations including:

Community Coalition to End Poverty in Nova Scotia
Council of Canadians - Inverness Chapter
Council of Canadians - South Shore Chapter
Ecology Action Centre (EAC)
Facebook Group - Help Save the View From Citadel Hill
Friends of the Halifax Common
Halifax Regional Homeowners Association
Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG)
Peninsula South Neighbourhood Association
Sierra Club of Canada - Atlantic Chapter


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