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Almost All Occupiers Now Allowed Back in HRM Parks

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I'm Watching You James!
I'm Watching You James!

Another chapter is thankfully closed for many, but not all, of those members of Occupy NS arrested on November 11th. All but one of those who appeared in provincial court this morning will now be allowed back in municipal, provincial, and federal parks within HRM jurisdiction. Battling out the lingering “Obstruction of Justice” charges remain, but most members of Occupy are now free to stroll amongst Halifax's green spaces, talking of revolution, fomenting plans, and hatching all manner of schemes to wrestle power from the 1%.

Such is not the case for one James Wiseman, however. Wiseman is currently battling a second charge, that of “Breaching Conditions”. He is accused of being in a park on November 19th, after already being told that he must not go in parks. Wiseman vehemently denies that he was in a park on the 19th. Indeed, Wiseman claims that he has over a dozen witnesses who can attest to the fact that he was not in a park on the 19th, and that police literally scooped him off the streets later in the day, without warning. Wiseman, readers may remember, was choked unconscious and given a concussion by Halifax's finest on November 11th, and it may well be that he is a marked man. Wiseman, we must remember, is Occupy NS's master of cinematic documentation.

On this 29th of December, as the Crown Prosecutor raged against Wiseman in a diatribe that ranged on the fantastic, it was difficult to remain silent, and not encourage the Prosecutor to maintain some degree of perspective. For almost three hours, members of Occupy had sat and watched violent criminals, thieves, drunk drivers, and con artists come and go through the halls of justice, with nary a peep from prosecution. But when it came time for the prosecution to deal with the never-before-convicted Wiseman, the man seems to have become possessed with the spirit of a revival preacher.

Prosecution spoke of events that never transpired; of protestors dressing as police, and encouraging them to do battle with socks filled with “BBs”. He spoke of November 11th, as a “moment of hell”, and it was clear that the onus for the ascension of whatever demons were now plaguing the man fell clearly on Occupy's shoulders, and not that of Halifax's vicious police force. It should be noted that the police, who laid hands on many of the Occupiers, will all likely never stand trial, due to any number of biases within the legal system.

 This was a sermon meant to vilify Wiseman, and to keep his influence from Halifax's virginal parks, no matter the cost. With jaws collectively open in wonderment, members of Occupy could barely wrestle reason from the maw of this deluded deluge. The judge, powerless to overturn the “Thou must not enter a park” lunacy attached to Wiseman's “Breach of Conditions” charge due to some legal loophole, listened with rapt amusement.

Felons and drunks will wander freely in Point Pleasant tonight, but not Wiseman. His abilities to incite spontaneous revolution are clearly too dangerous for semi-wooded areas. Families will skate gleefully in Halifax's newest climate-controlled incursion upon the Commons, provided the weather lets up. Wiseman can't even purchase a delicious BeaverTail (TM) if he wanted to. So meander freely, Haligonians. Let your dogs off the leash. But spare a moment of thought for James Wiseman, the best man in Halifax currently not allowed in a park.

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Occupy Eviction

Did someone give evidence about the "occupy folks" being dressed like police and having socks filled with BB's?   Can a prosecutor just make stuff up?  Don't they have to say where that evidence came from (like a cop providing notes or giving testimony?)

This is absolutely frightening and appalling and I want to register my protest somewhere?  Should I call Crown's office and complain?  Is there any more detail.  This is shocking and appalling. 


The prosecutor's last name was Morris. Many have already lodged complaints against the police for their actions on the 11th and 12th of November, and I'm sure as the investigation against them continues updates will appear here.

I'm not sure of the steps towards filing complaints against prosecutors who go off on strange diatribes with no factual basis. If you do file a complaint, please let the HMC know of the steps, and results.

While I understand that you

While I understand that you are trying to make a point about the absurdity of the proceedings for Wiseman (something I have certainly observed in other political cases), I wish that you would think twice before making your point on the backs of "violent criminals, thieves, drunk drivers, and con artists" or the "felons and drunkards" in Point Pleasant Park. These folks are also victims of a totally messed up criminal "justice" system, and are likely the victims of a whole array of social and economic injustices in ways that many of at least the activist-oriented occupiers were not. You don't have to agree with their actions to recognize that setting up the occupiers as somehow superior to this other group of people is a little bit problematic. Are they not also part of the 99%?


You're absolutely right, and I guess my own involvement and anger at the mistreatment I personally received has affected my outlook. I appologize and shouldn't have selected felons and drunkards as examples of who is walking around Point Pleasant Park. Of course anyone with a criminal record is just as likely to be part of the "99%" as anyone else. I just wanted to mention the fact that James Wiseman is still not allowed in parks, and how idiotic I found that to be.

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