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Above Their Law

After six week deliberation, all shale gas charges dropped against Maxime Daigle. The question is how.

by Maxime Daigle (Eonamogsit Pagtesm)

[Photo: Pontla]
[Photo: Pontla]
To some, I am known as Maxime Daigle. This is the Christian name given to me at birth in this type world by my mother. Without her knowing, this name was an assimilation technique meant to remove all legal authority of myself. Without even knowing it, I was being incorporated and certified to the church and the defacto government of kkkanada/ british crown appointed by the Vatican. My real name, which was given to me by my ancestors, is Eonamogsit Pagtesm.
On November 26th, 2013, I was still under Crown law. I was arrested along highway 11, in rural New Brunswick, for breaking an injunction related to allowing an American company, SWN, to conduct seismic testing in the province. According to the injunction, we 'protesters' were not to "interfere or attempt to interfere" with SWN's seismic testing work. If we were within 250 meters, front to back, or 20 meters, side to side, of SWN's equipment, apparently we were arrestable. The RCMP arrested myself and several others that day.
I was "ordered" to appear in court in January, 2014. I was representing myself. I did not receive a disclosure. I had been studying with Wapo Piesew at that time for over a year. What I came to know, from my legal and spiritual studies, was that it was my choice to give my allegiance to either the Crown and Christianity OR to my Tribal Indian ancestors. As I was acknowleged by a Tribal Scholar, a Signatory Tribe, and my Ancestors in ceremonies, I had to make my choice.
I do have to say it wasn't an easy task to de-program and learn and live what I needed to do. But I had given my word to Creator, Great Spirit, that I would give my all to find a solution to Our problem as Tribal Indian descendants. Legally and Spiritually I was no more Maxime Daigle, I was Eonamoksit Pagtsem. A Signatory Indian, not a First Nation, a Metis, a Native, but again a Legal Indian not subject to their Laws anymore.
Being an Indian, the only one who could legally represent me in a Crown court was my tribal legal advisor...Wapo Piesew, qualified by a Signatory Indian, the grandson of the Head Clanmother who appointed Sitting Bull to speak on behalf of her and the now present Signatory Dakota Tribe, which represents some but not all the Dakota descendants. As the Migmaq and Penobscot are no longer legal Tribes in fault of Assimilation, this sister Tribe took me under their legal and spiritual protection as a Signatory Indian.
No lawyer can represent an Indian legally, because a lawyer's allegiance is to the Crown and Crown law. After my 'protest' trial was set back for a later date, I then received a disclosure; papers trying to show I was instigating "protesters" to clash with SWN and the RCMP. The disclosure basically tried to portray me as a terrorist. RCMP witnesses in the disclosure said I had my fist in the air, while screaming "This is Indian Land, keep up the fight !" Truth be told, I wasn't even in the mix.
When my tribal legal advisor agreed to represent me, he was sanctioned by the Dakota Signatory Tribe. He came east for their trial against me, now set for July, 2014. When the Crown started their session, and we stood strong, the judge found an excuse and ran out of Court room after being presented with our Legal Writ. Their trial against me was adjourned.
Next, we reconvened in October of 2014. During the proceedings the judge tried to address me by my Christian name. I would not respond. I was allowed to represent myself and ask questions of the Crown's witnesses against me.
One witness was Staff Sergeant Bernard. In particular, I asked Bernard if he saw any American Indians on that day in November, 2013, when I was arrested.
He said he saw some "First Nations" people at the site.
I asked again: "You said you saw First Nations Peoples, but did you see any American Indians? Remember, American Indians are recognized by International Law, not incorporated law."
The judge yelled out for Bernard not to answer. One of the Crown prosecutors jumped up and started mumbling, trying to plea to the judge that I should not be allowed to ask these questions of Bernard.
I posed Bernard a few questions relating to Tribal and International Law, to show that I understood fully the Legal Writ, as well as my rights to choose to be or not be under their laws. I then sat down and didn't ask anymore questions to any of their witnesses. I did not argue anything they had to say about whatever I supposedly did or did not do. I was there to present the Rule of Law that was above theirs, not to argue with them, and I was standing by it.
The whole reason I did what I did was to show that Tribal law supercedes their laws for my brothers and sisters, and that this knowledge could not only do what was done in their courtroom but much more. We could be using it to do what we where given to be on Mother Earth, to protect it for each other. This path has led to some people calling me a lot of different names. Some of these people were folks that at times seemed to be dear friends. My goal was not to be popular, it was to go against the grain of ways society is living, which at times makes me seem angry, stressed and frustrated.
Believe me, my weight is caused by grief for what I know is going on, seeing my brothers and sisters suffer. It was to give a possible legal solution, nothing more.
I went to their courtroom as an American Indian, not a citizen of kkkanada and/or a subject or the "Crown", giving them authority over me. I am not be a 'full blood' Indian, but I am in part Migmaq and Penobscot. I don't need an "Indian Status" from the status quo, determining who I am by quantum blood levels. This is their justification of the decision process of who is and who isn't an First Nation, Native, etc.. And this is, according to the Crown, the enemy. I'm an American Indian, none of the preceeding descriptions. This right to choose where my or your allegiance is, is up to me or you. I don't need anyone else's given permission but from the Ancestors. They have given me the right to be a channel to what happened in that court room as an Indian living by Tribal Law and respecting International Law. International Law has to honour Tribal Law as the first Treaties to have been made are those between Indian Tribes and other Tribes around the world.
So In October, 2014, the Crown went ahead with their trial. They called witnesses. All of this for a breach of injunction charge. I stopped attending.
By the end, the judge took six weeks for "his decision". Why? The matter before him appeared simple enough.
I say it was because he had to find a way, without breaking the laws that he lives under, to be in a gray area of International Law, and without saying what was the real reason why "he didn't find me guilty." For a second, Imagine the implication of that judge saying plainly that there is a Law that supercedes the Crown's. He couldn't possibly voice this, as he would subject to Treason according to the Laws he has sworn allegiance to.
Mike Babstock, from the Irving monopoly's Times & Transcript newspaper, wrote an article about my trial. He followed the judge's verdict and pretend logic, as he also had to. I doubt he was even there to observe my trial though. The last day of my trial, for one, was closed to the public. It was posted on the door.
Ask yourself why?
My opinion is that the Crown did not want anyone to see and hear what was going to happen there. "Why did they proceed with this trial, for three days?" some might say.
I think the Crown knew who was teaching me and what that information could mean if people saw some validity in it. They had to play along and try to see if I was going to fold in the courtroom under their pressures, or they could find something to say to the public to justify their trial.
Was I "hostile" in the courtroom, as Babstock noted I was? After the judge yelled at me during the first part of their trial, back in July, and then ran out of his own courtroom when my Tribal Legal Advisor was there, when the judge realize we weren't backing down, I had had enough. I let him have it. I wanted to live the process peacefully, but I was tired of being yelled at in their courtroom and enough was enough.
When the words came out, it wasn't me speaking. It was the ancestors with me. As I spoke, all the RCMP officers, the judge and the Crown prosecutors had their heads down. They couldn't even look at me. I paused. I gave anyone a chance to speak if they had the courage. The judge lifted his head and I looked him in the eyes. He acknowledged who I was and put his head down. And me and the ancestors continued. Afterwards, the Crown prosecutor Maurice Blanchard started naming me by my real name. I had fully taken back jurisdiction of my spirit.
Personally, I don't see this as "hostile". I was honoring my Ancestors, and they gave me strength.
The Babstock article says that the judge mentions that he was not surprised I wasn't there at the second part of the trial, in October. I told the judge, as I was leaving their court, that I was free and if he was to try to charge me, he would be subject to his own laws and would have violated International Law, under which he would be legally corrected for trying any trickery.
With that, I had fulfilled my duty according to International Law. My purpose was done. I had no reason to be in their courtroom for the judge's decision as his court was disqualified. Jurisdiction of myself was taken back. The judge looked at me, and then looked down. In a legal setting, silence gives approval.
In the end, I was acquitted. Babstock's article says that the judge couldn't "beyond a reasonable doubt" determine that I was the individual that Staff Sergeant Bernard did what he said I did.
That's true. But at the same time the judge could not give away the real reasons as to why he couldn't charge me. Remember, I never argued once against anything the other RCMP officers said on the stand. Within the legal system, silence gives approval. I was being silent over what they were saying, giving "approval", even though most of what they said was lies. I went into the court and stood by the Legal Writ, along with Tribal and International Law. I was not there to argue anything.
If I had chosen to argue, I would've had people testifying on my behalf. Some people in the field on November 26th had cameras, with video evidence showing that I was not in the mix with the RCMP. I was not within the 20 meter zone of their injunction. I could have found faults in the documents they presented to their judge, and so on. But I was there to present the Rule of Law that is above theirs and show that I was living it. Without walking into any of their traps.
The last quote of Babstock's Times and Transcript article says that the judge mentioned: "You can’t hold him responsible for what others did."
Who are the others? They are the ones that have walked away from their Tribe and Spirituality and have given their allegiance to their enemy, the British Crown and the "civilized" world's religion: Christianity, Catholicism and all the above that doesn't belong to Tribal people.
Tribal Descendants know in the hearts, for all their lives, that these do not belong in their world. Their false sovereign laws are not above the Indians, this land is theirs to take care of. But for a very long time, people go make demands in their courts. In their courts, we are not in a position to command.
There's things in the whole process in the preparations to all this and things that happened in their court of a spiritual realm that I still won't even mention publicly at this point. It's a Great Mystery, Life that is.
I leave you with two suggestions.
One, be careful with this. If you go to their courts and want this to work for yourself and the Territory. If you do not know how to present this information for whatever reason you would choose to do so, not knowing everything that goes with it, things you can't imagine, you could hurt yourself and others. The judge in all of this is the Ancestors, and they will not allow anyone to do it if there's any selfishness in your motives and/or lack of understanding the Truths.
Two, seek the Truths. Listen, read, watch as many things that you can handle without being clouded, as anything is for sure the truth. Remember when you were a child or when you were listening to children. At a certain age, children ask non-stop: "Why?" They question everything and want answers, and most of the time adults give them lies as an answer. For me, the things I know, are all because of that question, "why?" It has never left me and I understood at a very young age adults were lying consciously or unconsciously. Seek the Truths, and never think for a second you know it all or enough even when you think without a doubt that you've found the truth. That will set you free, but at times there is a painful price.
This is my story . It is up to you to choose to believe it or not. What I can Guarantee you is what I did, I did for you and everything, not for me.
Emset Nogema,
Eonamogsit Pagtesm

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