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Zine and Heard

Small press books, crafts and music generate thriving event and micro economy

by Jessica Ross

Zine fair packed with people on Brunswick Street, this past Saturday
Zine fair packed with people on Brunswick Street, this past Saturday
Zine Fair browsers and vendors
Zine Fair browsers and vendors
Anchor Archive resident, Nico at her table
Anchor Archive resident, Nico at her table

Hundreds of people showed their excitement for Halifax zine culture this weekend, buying, selling and trading their hand-made collections of zines, records, tapes, food, clothing, posters, small press books, comics and other crafts.

This is the 9th year of the Zine Fair, held in conjunction with the Halifax Pop Explosion, which started in 1993.  On October 23 over 55 vendors - the most ever - assembled at St. David’s Church Hall to participate. 

Zine Fair organizer Sarah Evans believes that the event is a great opportunity for local do-it-yourselfers, artists and self-publishers to showcase and sell their work to the wider community - and also to get to know eachother. “People here are having a good time and have an opportunity to meet,”  says Sarah.  

Emily Davidson, a graphic designer and vendor at the Fair, values the making of zines because it allows her to produce work where both politics and art can be explored. “Go It Alone Together” is a publishing partnership between herself and friend, Kaley Kennedy. Their newest self-publication, “Papers for the People,” features edits of academic articles and essays made accessible to a wider audience.

Traditionally there is also a zine event during the Obey Convention, set to happen next May.  Sappy Fest also hosts a Zine Fair in conjunction with the Anchor Archive Zine Library each summer in Sackville, New Brunswick.

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