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Halifax Media Co-op Announces Partnership with Fox News Network

Murdoch, Lindsay to put aside ideological differences

by April Fish

Fox founder Rupert Murdoch expresses satisfaction with new partnership.
Fox founder Rupert Murdoch expresses satisfaction with new partnership.
Representatives of both organizations seal the deal with a handshake.
Representatives of both organizations seal the deal with a handshake.

HALIFAX - The Halifax Media Co-op proudly announced today its new news-gathering and analysis partnership with American media giant Fox News Corporation.

"We believe this will vastly increase our news output and provide a variety of perspectives on important issues in Halifax" said HMC editor and organizer Hillary Lindsay.

"I used to think that Sean Hannity guy was a jerk, but he's really not so bad once you get to know him," added Lindsay.

"He's totally made me look at the health-care issue in a different light".

Fox representatives also expressed satisfaction with the media deal. "We like the grassroots perspective of the HMC, but we also want it to be Fair and Balanced" said Fox flagship anchor Bill O'Reilly, emphasizing that the 'F' and 'B' of the last sentence were to be capitalized.

"I also really like how the HMC meets at Alter Egos cafe" said O'Reilly. "It's so much better than that stuffy studio."

Some were not as pleased with the deal, however. As soon as the deal was announced, Tea Party protesters set up shop in front of Fox's headquarters in in New York.

"We don't want our news network to be taken over by a bunch of God-hating communists up in Canada or France, wherever Halifax is" said one protester. "I've seen Lindsay's work and I don't like it. It's dangerous."

Representatives from both parties are undeterred, however, and are said to be looking into creative partnerships in the near future, including guest appearances for some prominent Halifax Media Co-op contributors on The Simpsons.

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That'll be the day

April Fools!

 april fools? o god please

 april fools? o god please tell me this is  a joke

Good one!

In veged-out internet browsing mode, and it being April 2nd when I read this, I was actually fooled for... well, about 2.5 seconds.

The laughter laster longer! My fav. this year!

 This is fabulous.    I

 This is fabulous. 


I grimaced violently when I first read the title.... and figured it must be a joke. And thank goodness. nice work!

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