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Inside Victoria Hall

by Hilary Beaumont

Building administrator Donna Merriam says she can't picture the rooms without the furniture.
The parlour on the ground floor.
One of two kitchens. That's a full range on the far wall. The room next door has a walk-in freezer.
“There were 950 ladies whose hands have touched those banisters,” Merriam said. “Thinking about it gives me chills.”
Boxes stacked in the second-floor tea room.
A bathroom on the second floor.
The name of the lady who used to live here.
Items in a second-floor bedroom that were sold at auction.
Third-floor bedrooms were much larger. Ladies on this floor were more independent and needed less assistance.
The third-floor tea room. Ladies used to have "gab fests" in here, Merriam says.
Victoria Hall's basement is home to many a rat trap.
A buyer who came to collect his items from the auction surveys one of the Hall's two furnaces.

Built in 1885, Victoria Hall, a low-income senior women's residence, is up for sale. The asking price is nearly $3 million. Read the full story here.


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