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Occupy Nova Scotia Eviction

by Glen Canning

As a vet I am angry Halifax would do something like this and insulted they did it on Remembrance Day. SHAME!!

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Rembrance Day eviction

Thanks for your support of Occupy NS Glenn. And, thank you for holding the line against the enemies of democracy. As our banner said, we know we have a debt to the vets that can't be met... I hope we will continue to carry the torch and hold it high. What the Mayor and Halifax city council did was shameful indeed. This is yet one more instance of our municipal government failing the people of this city. Time replace city council with members that respect people and their real needs, instead of ones that care only for their own status, weatlh and power. I hope you, your friends, family and neighbours wil become more and more active in local issues - change begins at home. Again, thanks for your phot and comments...

Rememberance day eviction

It is unbelievable that the police attacked people on remeberance day who are fighting for the same things that the vets were told they were fighting for. That is a real democracy.

The war for truth justice and liberty which equals democracy has never ended and never well...

Any day is a horrible day for attacking truth seekers for only truth well lead to democracy..

Not hatered, oppression or killing..

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