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Workers Speak Out Against Corporate Elite

May Day march led by CUPW workers

by Hillary Bain Lindsay

Workers Speak Out Against Corporate Elite
Workers Speak Out Against Corporate Elite
Workers Speak Out Against Corporate Elite
Workers Speak Out Against Corporate Elite

"We have to come together and fight against the state and the corporate elite in this country," said Jeff Callaghan, Director of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers  (CUPW) Atlantic.

Callaghan spoke to a crowd of about 150 workers and supporters, gathered to celebrate May Day and honour those who have struggled and are struggling for workers rights around the world.  

"We've got to connect the dots.  We can't allow struggles to be departmentalized."  

"Our union has a long history of coming together," said Callaghan, giving the example of CUPW's solidarity with Palestinian people's struggle for self-determination.  

Workers at Canada Post are facing a struggle of their own. 

"[Canada Post] wants to pay new employees 30 percent less. It wants to reduce their benefits, weaken their job security and provide an inferior pension," said CUPW National President Denis Lemelin in a press release on April 18.  "It also wants to attack retiree benefits, sick leave and turn back the clock on many other contract provisions.”

In response, members of CUPW voted 94.5% in favour of striking if necessary to obtain a collective agreement. 

"They're forcing two tiered wages and benefits, said Callaghan.  "But the workers aren't buying it.  That's the largest strike mandate in our history."

Several other speakers spoke in solidarity with workers across Canada and around the world, including Drake Clark, President of the Union of Transportation Workers at the airport; Rebecca Rose, Maritime Organizer for the Canadian Federation of Students; and Isaac Saney, from the Canadian Network on Cuba. 

After the rally at Victoria Park, a march wound through downtown Halifax and ended at the Mic Mac Friendship Centre on Gottingen, for more speakers, food and music.  

"It's the corporate elites' agenda that gets passed when we're separated," said Callaghan.  "We have to come together to fight back."

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pics from mayday

i am wondering if its possible to have more pics from mayday posted.  I am a member of cupw and soe of hose who participated in the march are asking for some.  For some, it has been thier first march as it was for me too. 




HI John,

I'm afraid those were the best pics I have.

Tony Seed also took some photos.  The top one in this series is from Halifax:




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