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Hundreds Take Back Parade Square, 3 More Arrests

by Hillary Bain Lindsay

Photo: Lesley Thompson
Hundreds packed Parade Square in solidarity with Occupy NS participants who were evicted from Victoria Park on Remembrance Day.  Fourteen people were arrested on November 11. Photo: Lesley Thompson
"Yesterday was a hard day," said Occupier Brian Crouse.  "But today Occupy Nova Scotia is stronger than ever."  Photo: Lesley Thompson
Many protesters expressed anger towards Mayor Peter Kelly for ordering the eviction of peaceful protesters.  Photo: Lesley Thompson
Representatives from Occupy Wolfville were present.  "We need to bring this movement rural!" Photo: Lesley Thompson
Ifo Ikeda reminded the crowd that they were standing on Mi'kmaq Territory and suggested the name of Occupy Nova Scotia change to Unoccupy Nova Scotia.   Photo: Lesley Thompson
Many of those arrested yesterday watched the protest from the perimeter of Parade Square.  A condition of their release was not stepping foot in Parade Square or any public park. Photo: Lesley Thompson
Miles Howe was also arrested yesterday, but spoke from inside the park where he tore up his conditions.  Howe was later arrested by the police when he left Parade Square, along with two other people.   Photo: Lesley Thompson
Protesters expressed anger towards police for their actions yesterday. "The police are not our friends," said one of the Occupiers.  "They serve the one per cent."    Photo: Lesley Thompson

Day 29 of Occupy Nova Scotia saw hundreds take back Parade Square in Halifax.  The day was marked by speeches  of solidarity and three more arrests. 

To view the slideshow and read photocaptions of what happened, please click one of the above photos. 

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You aren't marginalized if you can afford a tent and a winterized sleeping bag.

You aren't marginalized if you can afford a generator and gas.

You aren't marginalized if you complain about getting your $5,000 laptop stolen by fellow protesters.

All you are is lazy, rich and privileged.

I actually feel sorry...

for someone whose definition of  "not marginalized" is being able to afford a sleeping bag and a tent.  What has this country come to when the standard for being privileged is anyone not sleeping on a park bench with old newspapers for a blanket?  

My definition of being marginalized is having no say in how our economy operates and having no say in government decisions if those decisions happen to affect corporate profits - that is to say, the 99%.  I am grateful every day to those people who are standing up not just for themselves but for all of us.


Well, it beats going out and

Well, it beats going out and getting a job right? I know people out there, and they are unemployed, living off the system with out even the slightest attempt at being a contributing member of society. Ask any of those kids out there what they are protesting, and they won't have a clue.  

Yes they are marginalized

All you mention was donated.....

You are such an insensitive creep

for everyone else..

General Assembly tonight at 7pm at Grand Parade be there

Keep it up Occupy NS!

Keep it up Occupy NS!



Watching from Ontario

Thanks for being a part of this world wide movement. I appreciate what you are doing. We cannot continue down the path we are on. It appears to be leading straight towards another Great Depression and all the social upheaval that goes with it. The Occupy movement has generated a lot of media space and personal discussion. You have already been succesful by any measure. I wish you more success.

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